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Have a more hygienic bathroom

Experts may tell you that the kitchen is the dirtiest place in the house, and while this might be true – nothing says gross more than a dirty bathroom. For the majority of us who greatly dislike household chores, companies are always bringing out super fast and convenient cleaning products to make our bathrooms fit for purpose again. However, most of them still require some elbow grease. Here are some ingenious ways technology is being applied to the problem of the grubby bathroom, to make our lives even easier:

Ideas for a hygienic bathroom

Toothbrush Sanitiser

Have you ever pondered the fact that your toothbrush sits in worryingly close proximity to the toilet? If this is kind of dilemma that gives you awake at night, you need a toothbrush sanitiser. With the clever use of UV technology, 99% of ghastly germs can be obliterated from your brush. It only takes six minutes for peace of mind that your brush is now free from any bathroom contaminants!

Bathroom Roller Blinds

Normal fabric blinds can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould due to the humid atmosphere that exists in the bathroom. Choosing a waterproof variety is the best option to avoid your blinds soaking up moisture and eventually growing mouldy! For designs to suit every home, visit http://www.ucblinds.co.uk/PVC-Waterproof-Bathroom-Blinds

hygienic bathroom

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Antibacterial Bathmat

You’re feeling all clean and refreshed after a shower and then you have to put your feet on a grubby old mat! What you need is a super absorbent mat made from phytoplankton which has incredible anti-bacterial properties. It soaks up moisture quickly to prevent mildew and mould from developing and is super-easy to clean with some water and sandpaper.

Toilet Brush

Let’s face it, approaching one of these feels like you should be wearing a Hazmat suit! The solution is a toilet brush and canister set that isn’t open to the outside air. The canister springs open when you grab for the brush. It features ventilation slits so excess water can evaporate away meaning your brush doesn’t have to sit in gross water all the time. Read more: Does ultrasonic cavitation work?

Drain Protector

Ever had to remove large clumps of slimy hair from the plug? It’s not a pleasant task. Now you can buy a mushroom-shaped drain protector which catches all those hairs without stemming the flow of water. Its clever universal design fits any standard plug hole and it doesn’t get slimy or disgusting, is super-easy to clean.

Hygienic bathroom

Bamboo Charcoal Deodorisers

Remove unpleasant odours and moisture in the air with bamboo charcoal deodorisers which are 100% natural and highly effective. Charcoal is incredibly absorbent, and bamboo provides a pleasant fresh smell, so your bathroom will smell great and mould won’t have a chance!

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