New Sewing Machine

What Kit Should You Buy for Your New Sewing Machine?


Having two pairs of scissors at least is a good idea. The first pair are bent-handled sheers to cut fabric. Keep these exclusively for these for cutting fabric as cutting any other materials such as paper can blunt them. The second set will be sewing scissors. These are smaller and used for trimming facings and seams and cutting thread. If the sewing machine you have does not have a zigzag stitch or overlock, some pinking shears will be invaluable.

New Sewing Machine

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Tape Measure

An essential item in your sewing box, a retractable tape measure can make life easier. A clear plastic ruler provides the rigidity which the humble tape measure lacks, giving you the ability to mark out a straight line.

Fabric Marker

You will use your marker to transfer a pattern on to fabric and possibly to mark out hems. Chalk blocks are the most commonly used marker, and the chalk can be removed simply by brushing. Other options are a quick-marker pen or a dressmaker’s carbon paper with a tracing tool.


Pins are a must in your sewing box. They are essential for holding fabric pieces together. Pins that have coloured plastic heads are easier to see. A pin cushion can be useful too – it is easier to remove a pin from a cushion than from a tin of pins.

Seam Ripper

This gadget rips the seam open when you have gone wrong. Don’t be without one!

New Sewing Machine kit
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Sewing Machine Needles

Have a collection of these in various sizes and you will be able to tackle differing fabric weights. You can purchase a selection of dressmaking fabric from

If you have not yet chosen your machine, Which has a very comprehensive guide worth a read.


Keep spare buttons when you buy new clothes, and remove buttons from old clothes.

Sewing Box

These range from basic to plush. The choice is yours, but good organisation will reduce stress.

Ironing Board

Pressing your finished garments is terribly important. They just look so much better. Invest in a good steam iron and a padded ironing board.

Sewing Books

Look for a good basic book that includes a guide to your machine, an introduction to different stitches and some basic patterns. Once you have mastered the basics, you can move on to more advanced books.

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