Reasons why dogs are better than cats

Most people tend to believe that you must be a dog person or a cat person. While most animal lovers love both creatures, if the choice had to made, which one would you choose to live with? Just for fun, here are the arguments for dogs being the best choice in this age-old debate of dogs vs cats:

  1. Dogs don’t need litter boxes

Litter boxes are horrible and even cat people will agree on this point. It doesn’t matter how much you keep it clean and topped up with fresh litter, there always seem to be a smell that lingers around the home. The tiny bits of litter also seem to easily get walked around the house. In a small home, there’s never a good place to locate one and cleaning one lifts up clouds of dust and the stuff gets everywhere!

  1. Dogs are more fun

Cats might like the occasional tussle with a string or catnip-laced feather, but they are fairly aloof when it comes to interaction and it’s very much on their terms. They are equally happy to play on their own as they are with someone else. Dogs, however, seem born to play and it’s the interactive kind of play they actively seek. Whether it’s fetch, tug-of-war or chase, dogs are almost always up for some fun.

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  1. More control

Cats aren’t easy to train or control, they kind of do their own thing and pretty much whatever they like. Whilst dogs have been known to cause a fair amount of destruction themselves, they are far easier to train. A consistent approach, an authoritative voice and some corrective training and people can have a lot of power over their dog’s behaviour. Treat your pet pooch with Designer Dog Collars from a site like

  1. Dogs protect us

Cats are not interested in protecting us or our homes. They are more likely to run away at the first sign of trouble. Dogs, on the other hand, will instinctively protect both their owners and their territory. Growling or barking alerts us to potential danger, even frightening away intruders. Most potential burglars will avoid a home with a dog in it for fear of being bitten, no matter the size or breed of the pooch.

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  1. Dogs have bigger potential

Dogs have been useful, faithful and hard-working companions to humans for thousands of years. Whether out on the farm, as police dogs, service dogs, disability dogs or comforting those with illness, dogs have certainly proved their worth. These days dogs are being trained to sniff out early signs of cancer and can even detect when their owners might be about to have a seizure. Cats have a role to play in animal therapy of course, but they are generally not as well suited to these other noble pursuits as dogs are.



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