Tensile structures and their features and benefits

Tensile architecture brings about enormous benefits for the structures that it’s used on and has a range of features that make it ideal to use in a number of situations. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using tensile structures in your designs.

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There are almost unlimited choices of designs that can be created from tensile fabric structures due to the flexibility characteristics of the material, which enables it to be used to form virtually any shape. This creates unique and iconic buildings that really stand out and become a feature of their city.

Translucent features

Rather than creating an enclosed and dark space, tensile fabric is extremely translucent in the daytime, which allows a soft, natural light to stream into the space. This gives it a more welcoming effect and reduces the need for artificial light sources, which in turn minimises energy costs.

However, when the space is used in the evening, additional artificial lighting gives the space a stunning ambient effect that is ideal for hosting parties and corporate events.


Tensile Fabric Structures, such as those available at spatialstructures.com/building-systems-explained, offer exceptional levels of durability and have been used with great effect in a range of climates, including the extreme cold of the arctic and the arid conditions of the desert, without having any effect on longevity.

Range of uses

One of the reasons why more structures are being created from tensile fabrics is because of the versatility the space creates for users. This allows buildings to be used for many different purposes, which can reduce costs and make more effective use of a building.

Tensile structures are becoming increasingly common in the design of sports facilities, as it makes the space suitable for a host of activities – keeping the costs lower and maximising the investment.

Low maintenance

Tensile fabrics are ideal for use on large scale structures, as they require hardly any maintenance once they’ve been installed, especially when compared to a traditionally built building of a similar size.

Reduces energy usage

These types of tensile structures absorb low levels of sunlight and have a high reflectivity rate, which keeps the space at a comfortable temperature both in the summer and winter months. This results in less energy being used thus lowering bills and creating a more environmentally friendly space.

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