Places in Your House You May Often Forget to Clean

You may think that you’re completing a deep clean on your home, but the truth is, you may only be scratching the surface. There are a lot of places in your house which are not easily accessible, and therefore may get neglected. To make sure that one corner of your house is never missed, we have compiled a list of some of the places in your house that you may forget to clean.

Skirting boards

Skirting boards are a really easy place to miss due to their location. They are usually found in an area just between your floors and walls. This means that you probably concentrate on cleaning your floors but neglect the skirting boards. Think of your skirting boards as mini shelves, you would usually dust your shelves, so why not your skirting boards? It is a place where dust can easily build-up, so don’t neglect them!

Under the bed

Usually, when you’re cleaning, you don’t want to think about organising too. There may be a huge mess or pile of stuff underneath your bed that you just can’t be bothered to go through. This may mean that you’re not actually cleaning the underneath of your bed at all. Like skirting boards, the underneath of your bed traps a lot of dust, which could irritate anyone prone to allergies. As you spend so much time in bed, take the time to clean underneath it. This way you’ll find yourself being able to breathe easier as you sleep.

The bins

Bins, especially ones which live in your kitchen, can be smelly if you let them pile up. Bins can also be a chore to take out, which leads to them being forgotten about. You might be constantly thinking ‘I’ll leave that until later’. Then later comes, and you still haven’t cleaned your bins. Bins should not only be emptied but also washed out at least once a week to prevent any nasty odours and bacteria.

Extractor fans

You may not have thought about this one before, but extractor fans are a place that can very easily harbour dust and dirt. If you’ve had any kind of construction work done on your home, then you’ve probably seen how much dirt and grime can sit on them. However, if not, then you might not know how dirty they can get. Extractor fans are supposed to help improve the air quality in your home. But if they are sitting with dust and dirt in them, it could be making your air quality worse. So, next time you’re cleaning, take a slightly damp cloth to your extractor fan to ensure all sitting dust is removed.


Decorative cushions often rarely get washed, even in hotels. When making your bed or washing your duvet, it’s not often you put your decorative pillows in with it. Look at the tags on your pillows, you may be surprised that most of them can go in the washing machine. If they can’t, handwashing them can be just as effective in removing any dust mites or dirt which may be ingrained in the fibres.

Remote controls

Cleaning your remote controls is a simple thing you can do to ensure dirty hands and sticky fingers don’t coat your controls. It can be a place you may not think about cleaning. When actually, bacteria can very easily build up here because of the number of hands touching the controls. This is a particularly important place to clean if you are moving out of rented accommodation, or if you’re a landlord having the place sanitised between tenants.


You may not have checked behind your radiator in a while. If you haven’t, it’s probably time you do. Things can get trapped behind them and dust can sit behind them too. Radiators are not an easy place to clean. However, most of the time a feather duster can do the job well.

Give your home a thorough clean every once in a while

To protect the health of yourself, and your family, it’s important to thoroughly clean your home every once in a while, even the areas you forget about. Often, the areas you neglect are the ones that can get the dirtiest. Bear this in mind when next completing cleaning chores.




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