most expensive fruits

These are the 4 most expensive fruits on the planet

Do you like fruits? Its refreshing flavor sweetens breakfasts and snacks at all times of the year, in addition to being very healthy foods and satisfying the appetite. But, perhaps, you have never heard of the fruits that we are going to present to you next. The reason? They are some of the most expensive on the planet.

Cornish pineapplemost expensive fruits

We are not wrong if we say that this is the most expensive pineapple in the world. This tropical fruit grows in an environment as opposed to its cultivation like that of London. With such a complicated soil and climate for this type of fruit, there is only one suitable space for it: Lost Gardens of Heligan or, in our language, the Lost Gardens of Heligan, located in the county of Cornwall. The garden owners have the only preserved “Pineapple Well” in Europe, a cultivation method that was developed during Victorian times to grow pineapples in cold climates. And you may wonder … what is the price of a pineapple? For 1,500 dollars each, you have them.

Taiyo No Tamago Mangomost expensive fruits

These mangoes have broken the record at an auction sale. Two specimens of this type of mango grown in Japan’s Miyazaki prefecture cost a whopping 300,000 yen ($2500) at an agricultural auction in Japan. Auctions that mark the beginning of the growing season and where products are put on sale at an unbeatable price, with a purely advertising purpose.

Yubari King Melonmost expensive fruits

These are the most expensive melons in the world. They are sold in pairs and have come to cost € 18,000 in 2008 during a bid like the one we told you above (although, in a normal period, their price ranges between $ 11,000 and $ 15,000). Its cultivation began in the 1960s and began in soil rich in volcanic ash. Its irrigation system is known to work through mathematically placed pipes, but its operation is still kept under wraps.

Ruby Roman Grapesmost expensive fruits

They are said to be the perfect grapes, or at least very close to being so. Due to their sugar content, low acidity, and large, juicy grains, these grapes make the perfect delicacy for fans of the fruit. A perfection that leads to a cluster of 24 of these grapes being sold for $ 10,000 at the Kanazawa Central Market, on the Japanese island of Honshu.


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