Of Lottos and Luck: Framing Stories of Lottery Winners

Even if one believes only in hard work and hustle, news about the lottery winner’s lives changing overnight is sure to bring a sigh. Unlike their latest history, the lottery is one of the incredible gifts from China. The lottery is said to have originated under the Chinese Han Dynasty in 205-187 BC. Centuries later and continents away, today the Saturday lotto in Australia is conducted by the weekend changing thousands of lives every year. The year 2020 was not as unlucky to hundred and twenty-two millionaires who won the Saturday lotto during the global pandemic. They predicted the final lotto of 2020, the 30 million dollar Megadraw to sell its tickets at 1200 tickets per minute. The first Saturday lotto of the year 2021 which took place on the 2nd of January built 19 millionaires in Australia.

The Diary of a Millionaire

Bizarre and incredible stories of lottery winners make indulging human interest stories. Frane Selak, the unluckiest man who survived a derailed train, plane crash, three car accidents and a bus accident, was re-dubbed the luckiest man alive when he won millions in a lottery. Generally speaking, one can win a lottery or lose, but there seems to be a third rare outcome. French lady mistook her number for the lottery winner and celebrated her false victory on shopping sprees. She ended up amassing credit card debts, and her story was the opposite of winning a lottery, but more unfortunate than losing. People always promise to donate their lottery prize. However, just a bunch of people follow suit to donate after actually winning the lottery. Florida woman Sheela Ryan won the largest lottery of her time and created a charitable group The Ryan Foundation which inspired many. No matter what the story is, millions of people appreciate these impressive or sometimes, strange tales.

Lotto winners of the past- Australia

Bill Morgan

He was shooting for a TV program when Bill Morgan won 250,000 dollars from a scratchie. He shot for the show twenty-two years after winning a car in a lottery after waking up from a coma and nearly dying. This live miracle was telecast initially on Nine’s evening news in Melbourne. To Daily Mail, he says that he still buys the lotto every week along with a scratchie. The old ripper.

The group of winners

After losing a 500-dollar win, a group of nineteen from Perth, Australia never failed to buy their tickets. In 2021’s first draw they claimed 1.5 million dollars each in Western Australia Lottery syndicate. They missed out on 500 dollars and continuously bought tickets for 22 years to win the massive prize.

Lotto Winner From Cannington

A Perth couple’s lives changed overnight after winning a whopping amount of 672,883 dollars in July 2018. After almost overlooking their winning ticket in the Saturday lotto, the couple claimed their prize nearly three weeks later. Talk about almost. The husband told the local news that he had a feeling about the lotto this week and went ahead with his instincts to buy one behind his wife’s back.

News coverage of these stories is often overwhelming for the winners whose promises reach the skies. People are competitive, and even if they do not usually lack not sensitive towards lottery winners. Many overnight millionaires have been ruthlessly exposed and criticized for how they spent their money. But, when one hasn’t walked around in their shoes, it is easy to judge. It is no lie that one would gladly accept to walk around in their shoes.

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