Kids Dinosaur Costume

Kids Dinosaur Costume

Looking for new and unique costume ideas? Tired of the usual options you have? Want something different this time? It is not at all difficult to wear a distinctive costume. Dinosaur costumes are relatively newcomers as costume options. They are a refreshing yet still popular choice.

About Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs lived for millions of years but have died out long before humans came. Much of what we know about them comes from fossil evidence found on various parts of the world. Public interest has very much contributed to funding dinosaur research. Scientists continue their study to further understand these amazing creatures.

Dinosaurs vary in size, shape and behavior. Some are gentle plant-eaters while some are ferocious predators. Some can be as large as buses while some n bigger than a chicken. They covered the Earth in air, land and sea. They were truly the dominant species of their time. It is interesting to note that there are still new species of dinosaurs being discovered to this day.

Ever since their discovery, dinosaurs have captured the public’s imagination. Towering reptilian creatures roaming the vast landscape of a very different planet Earth has always been a fascinating idea. It is no surprise then that these creatures have made the leap to entertainment media. Literature and film portray these giants as monstrous and cumbersome but often fail in scientific accuracy.

Kids Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaur Fame

Perhaps the most easily recognizable dinosaur for kids is Barney from the children’s TV show Barney and Friends. He is a purple and green T-Rex which bears more resemblance to a stuffed toy than an actual dinosaur. Dinosaurs are also featured in animated shows such as The Flintstones and The Land Before Time series. The highly successful Jurassic Park series brought audiences the idea of living, breathing dinosaurs coexisting with humans.

Owing to their popularity, kids dinosaur costumes have now become a popular choice for costumes. Perhaps the most famous is the T-Rex costume due to its frequent appearances in media. Its touted main rival the Triceratops also figures prominently. Other dinosaurs such as the Stegosaurus and the flying Pterodactyl are also available. There are also fictitious dinosaurs which are more fantasy in theme but equally fun and interesting.

Where to get dinosaur costumes

Dinosaurs may have lived millions of years ago but you do not a time machine to find kids dinosaur costume. Your local costume shop may have the kids dinosaur costume you are looking for. Online shopping also has the same options with the convenience of never having to leave your home. They offer online payment schemes and deliver right to your doorstep. If you are patient enough you might even find one at a discounted price.

What to expect

Kids dinosaur costume comes in many sizes, colors and shapes. You are sure to find one that suits your needs. However, there are not many options for accessories. The costumes are quite simple and straightforward. A T-Rex costume for example consists of a jumpsuit, headpiece and mitts. They are available in different colors believed to be what the dinosaurs themselves might have had. Other dinosaur costumes are also available such as Triceratops, Stegosaurus and some fictional dinosaurs.

Ideas for your kid’s costume

Your kids may wear their dinosaur costume during Halloween and other celebrations. Watch your kids roar and laugh in excitement in their costumes as they go around the neighborhood! Let your kids have lots of fun during playtime! Follow in the footsteps of the mighty dinosaurs exploring the land as your kids play to their hearts’ content. Throw a dinosaur-themed party where your kid is the star of his own Jurassic adventure. The possibilities are endless!

Dinosaurs no longer walk the Earth but that does not stop your kids from enjoying the experience. Searching for kids dinosaur costume is not like searching for an actual dinosaur fossil. It can be done with relative ease by any means you are comfortable with. You do not have to travel to a lost world. Let your kids explore their inner dinosaur!

Famous Dinosaur Characters

Make sure you relive the Jurassic and Stone Age period with your dinosaur themed ensembles with the cuddliest and cutest versions for tykes, toddlers and infants. This ancient character graced the world of make-believes with so much famous and all-time favorite dinosaur characters.

When you speak of dinosaurs, you will instantly know and recall the bubbliest and most friendly T-Rex of all, Barney. This purple colored mascot is a sure hit in your television screen along with the rest of the gang in Barney and Friends. This musical and creative TV show is the best for kids with fun and educational contents. No wonder more and more kids love this gigantic yet cuddly friend which has become a household name.

You would also think of The Flintstones when searching for dinosaurs and the most famous ones at that. Enjoy the infamous dinosaur pet of the Flintstones family Dino in his own antics and wacky stints.

Other outstanding dinosaur characters that make hilarious themes for your best Halloween disguise include dinosaur species such as triceratops, T-Rex and raptors from the Land before Time movie. The infamous favorite dinosaur from the Mario Bros video game Yoshi is likewise a mainstay for creative disguises.

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