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7 outstanding home based jobs that you can do online

The home based jobs with the passage of time have been becoming increasingly popular in the countries of Latin America, Europe, and the whole world.

Things have changed a lot in the field of online jobs because some time ago there were scams, but now you can find hundreds of reliable companies which offer a huge variety of good and real jobs that offer flashy salaries.

These kinds of jobs are tailored to those who are looking to generate an additional salary so as not to be short at the end of the month, are retired, students who need money to pay for some college expenses, a wife and a mother who needs to supplement the income of her husband. Or a single father who wants the availability and freedom that entitles him to earn money from home.

The 7 best home based jobs on the Internet that can help you avoid money shortages at the end of the month

1- Technical support providerhome based jobs

Technical support representatives help customers find and use the right product for their needs (laptops or desktops) via phone, email and online chats.

The work of technical support providers covers a wide range of technology related to customer service issues. Because there are different skill sets needed for different types of online technical support jobs, the salary can vary greatly.

Requirements: It is essential to have the patience to deal with frustrated consumers who do not know how to use their new devices, it is also important to have the ability to explain solutions to customer problems.

Companies that offer these jobs often provide training. For example, workers from Apple’s home first have to go through a period of four to six weeks of online classes.

Most support professionals register between 25 to 30 hours or more per week, much of the time on weekends.

Salary: Between $ 17 to $ 25 per hour

Where to find work? If you think you are a good candidate for a technical support job, analyze the websites of computer manufacturers such as Apple and Dell.

2- Translator of documents from homehome based jobs

Since companies expand globally, they need to communicate in other languages. Bilingual people interested in a job as a translator from home on the Internet can participate in this flexible profession that continues to grow rapidly.

From a virtual office (using Skype to join conference calls), people in this field participate in live conversations and translate documents and recordings.

Spanish is the language of greatest demand, followed by Japanese, Korean, Chinese and French. Gengo and similar agencies have a global customer base that means they can work from your country at the time that suits you best.

Requirements: the ability to read, write and speak fluently more than one language. You can find a lot of jobs in Spanish, French, and Chinese.

Income: About $ 16 an hour. Translators who work with technical or scientific content can earn up to $ 60 per hour.

Where to find work? The Translatorscafe.com web site contains a free online directory of translators and translation jobs. You just have to upload your curriculum vitae and a list of your rates and services. It is one of the best home based jobs.

The works that are registered daily, could include the translation of a tourist brochure or subtitle a movie. It applies directly to the contracting company. Or turn to some online agencies, such as Gengo and Verbalize it. You select the projects that fit your calendar and skills.

3- Virtual Assistanthome based jobs

A virtual assistant helps a business to work, everything is done online (most likely from home). They can hire you for a project (such as designing a blog) or they can hire you for continuous work, such as responding to emails and comments.

Customers could include an entrepreneur looking for someone to manage email, scheduling and travel arrangements or a very busy executive.

Requirements: administrative experience; excellent ability to organize and manage time, ability to juggle a multitude of tasks and a pleasant way to talk on the phone. It also helps if you know how to use Microsoft Office.

Salary: about $ 16 per hour if you register with an employment agency; Up to $ 35 per hour if you work directly with customers. Top VAs earn up to $ 70 per hour.

Where to find work? You can enroll in agencies such as Zirtual.com, which are responsible for assigning customers. Read my article, How to be a virtual assistant and work from home.

4- Web content writerhome based jobs

woman-hands-typing-on-the-keyboard companies often do not have the staff to create content for their websites, so they outsource the work to freelancers. With the immense number of sites that are created every day, writers are in great demand.

Requirements: talent to express themselves concisely, put an idea into words and meet deadlines reliably. Companies often require knowledge in a specific field.

Income: there is a wide variety of remuneration for writing Web content, payments range from $ 10 to hundreds of dollars per allocation. The average salary for a full-time content writer is $ 39,000 a year. You can earn up to $ 70,000.

Where to find these jobs? Check the page Indeed.es (for your particular country), workana.com or freelancer.com. If you think you are a good fit for a specific company, send them an email with a test entry and offer them your services. It is one of the best home based jobs.

 5- Customer service employmenthome based jobs

Customer-service-agents-in-call-center many US-based companies, such as American Express, use virtual agents to answer their customer service calls.

Requirements: You will need good customer service skills, a landline and a computer with high-speed internet. You will also need a quiet house. (This job offer is not ideal for the housewife with young children.)

Income: These jobs online usually pay between $ 16 to $ 18 per hour, depending on experience.

Where to find work? You can search American Express, there they continuously offer online jobs of this kind. You could also try on search engines.

6- Evaluator for search engines and social media

man-hand-and-a-seekerWhen you search for something on Google, the search engine tries to produce the most accurate results. But sometimes they are wrong. That’s where search engine evaluators are needed. The work is about evaluating the results that are presented in the search engines. It’s also about evaluating social sites online.

Requirements: These positions are open in numerous countries around the world and are looking for candidates with computer skills and Web search. People should have a strong interest in social media, have an active Gmail account, and be familiar with other forms of social media and Google products. Many times they also require that the person own a Smartphone

Income: They usually pay between $ 17 to $ 19 per hour. Part-time schedules.

Where to find these jobs? You can check the page Thesmartcrowd.com that continuously offers virtual work from home for several countries in the world including Latin America and Europe.

7- Online data entry worker (data entry)

Woman-typing-on-the-keyboard-and-computer-screen-with-data data entry worker simply enters information for companies in certain computer programs.

Requirements: Type on the keyboard relatively quickly, have a computer, and high-speed internet. Depending on the type of data entry you make, more specific skills may be necessary.

Income: The payment structure can be hourly, by project or by written words.

Where to find work? You can browse very reliable websites such as Google or Craigslist. (Type in the search “data entry online job”).

These 7 are some of the booming jobs that can be done online. Here you have 27 more to choose from , whether you want to work independently or for a company, but everyone can do them without leaving your home. It is one of the best home based jobs.


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