Prohormones VS Steroid Drugs – How to Choose the Right Cycle Length?

Are you still hesitating between prohormones and steroid drugs? No wonder, as it’s the most frequent dilemma of sport enthusiasts, desperately trying to improve their performance.

Anyhow, even after solving this dilemma, you’ll have to determine the cycle length of taking the drug, which varies from a couple of weeks to a few months. There are numerous factors to be considered when choosing the right timeframe, such as the toxic properties of the substance, its side effects, your age, as well as your previous experience with using such compounds.

The following tips will help you determine the right duration period of taking both steroid drugs and prohormones.

Learn more about the drug

The initial factor to consider is the drug itself, since not all prohormones and steroids have identical qualities. Although the former are considered to be less powerful and safer to use, you should definitely consider the product’s liver toxicity. Bear in mind that those substances capable of causing greater liver damage should be taken in short cycles.

Moreover, prohormones are believed to cause less damage to the liver in comparison with steroids, as they’re being processed by this organ before affecting the organism. Anyhow, products with greater liver toxicity are considered to provide rapid results, which is the price to pay for gaining muscles overnight.

In addition, some substances are known for causing a feeling of exhaustion, which might result from an increase in liver enzymes. Therefore, you’re also advised to choose a short cycle, as otherwise you’ll be exposing your liver to greater damage.

Consider your resistance to side effects

Side effects are common for both prohormones and steroids, but in the former case are slightly milder. Anyhow, the cycle length will be determined by your resistance to the drug’s adverse effects, as not all users are equally capable to tolerate them.

For instance, during a short timeframe of taking such substance, some users experience no negative effects while others experience mild ones, such as development of acne, headaches, or aggressive behavior. These are common for both prohormones and steroids. Read more about the most common causes and risk factors for developing acne.

However, the longer the cycle length, the higher the risk of experiencing more severe side effects. For example, men are usually faced with adverse effects of estrogenic nature, like gynecomastia or low sperm count. Anyhow, extremely long cycles of more than three months can lead to suppression of the natural testosterone levels, frequently resulting in infertility.

Furthermore, steroids are considered to have graver side effects, such as increased cholesterol levels, which soon trigger cardiovascular problems. Also, they cause much graver liver damage than prohormones. Consequently, every user is advised to try a short cycle in order to test both positive and negative effects of the drug.

Age and experience matter

Other indispensable factors that affect cycle length are your age and experience in using performance-enhancing drugs. Newbies are likely to grow larger muscles only by taking the prohormone or steroid for a few weeks, which isn’t the case with experienced users.

Additionally, age is another important factor when it comes to experiencing steroid drugs anabolic benefits. In fact, young users tend to achieve their fitness goals much faster than people of older age. Conversely, the latter usually have greater experience behind them, thus making slower progress.

Don’t forget post cycle therapy

Post cycle therapy is an integral part of prohormones and steroid cycles, particularly of those with greater length. This therapy is essential for reinstating the hormone balance in the organism, since these drugs tend to suppress the natural levels of both testosterone and estrogen.

Every user is supposed to take PCT, as it’s the fastest method of getting your hormones back to normal. You’re even supposed to use estrogen blockers while taking such substances in order to prevent medical conditions like gynecomastia. Anyhow, in case you forget to purchase PCT, stop using the substance after maximum two weeks.

Consider injuries

Being injured is another factor to consider when using performance-enhancing substances, as they might have both positive and negative effect. Actually, if you’re suffering from a muscle injury, taking a performance-enhancing chemical can speed up your recovery, which is highly beneficial for sportsmen. It’s the fastest way of getting back on track, as otherwise bodybuilders and athletes would have to spend a long time recovering.

On the other hand, androgenic compounds tend to reduce cortisol levels which isn’t exactly beneficial for the joints. Therefore, your joints may suffer significant damage due to longer cycles. Visit this link:, to learn more about the relation between cortisol and stress.

Wrap up

Selecting the right timeframe is vital for achieving positive results while avoiding side effects.

Let these factors help you with the decision!

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