Huawei Vision X65

Huawei Vision X65: Huawei’s first OLED TV arrives with a large 120 Hz panel

Huawei is determined to carve out a niche for itself in the television market. Last fall we were introduced to the Huawei Vision, its first 4K HDR television that released the HarmonyOS own operating system. Now, the company takes another important step and brings us its new Huawei Vision X65, the first OLED TV from Huawei with features and prices that place it directly among the most complete televisions on the market.

These are the characteristics of the Huawei Vision X65, a 65-inch OLED TV with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, a brightness level of 1000 nits and the curious implementation of a front camera that in addition to enhancing video calls allows you to control the TV by gestures.

1000 nits of brightness and Honghu 898 processor

The introduction of an OLED panel is an important decision. Previous models incorporated a Quantum Dot panel, but this Vision X65 is a leap into the more premium range. Huawei, like the other manufacturers, does not specify which panel provider it has used, but looking at the size and characteristics, it is expected that it will use one of the latest LG Display panels.

The 65-inch OLED panel offers 4K resolution and HDR support, although the features do not specify which formats it accepts. Be HDR10 + or Dolby Vision. It is explained that it offers 98% of the DCI-P3, has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and reaches 1,000 nits of brightness. The latter is a required point to offer compatibility with the most advanced HDR formats.

The contrast of this television is infinite, as corresponds to all OLED televisions that are capable of individually turning off each of the pixels. But a television is not only its panel. Huawei introduces the Honghu 898 processor with artificial intelligence to improve image processing. A chipset also introduces a quad-core CPU.

To move the interface it has 6GB of RAM and the storage offered is 128GB, of which Huawei already explains that not all will be available. Still, most premium TVs today tend to offer less storage.

As explained by Huawei, this Vision X65 has TÜV Rheinland vision protection certification. Being the largest screen in the world to have this German certificate.

75W Huawei Sound system

For the sound system, we have a total of 14 speakers that offer a combined 75W sound. Specifically, we have two 20W woofers for bass sounds, six 3W woofers for higher pitches and another six 10W speakers for all frequencies.

A 5.1 sound that Huawei will allow to customize to our liking through the Huawei Histen settings that will be found in the TV menu.

The body of the TV is quite minimalist, with a thickness of 5 millimeters at its thinnest and 24.9 mm maximum thickness. A few numbers where the OLED panel has a lot to say. But if there is one element that stands out from the rest of the television, it is its front camera in the form of a small central periscope.

HarmonyOS 1.1 and the front camera will allow you to control the TV by gestures

The TV arrives with HarmonyOS 1.1, the version of the Huawei operating system that offers its own video, calendar, calls and video playback applications. But an addition that changes the experience is the 24-megapixel ultra-wide-angle front camera, accompanied by its own HiSilicon Hi3559C chip with its own NPU.

Thanks to this camera, the television allows video calls to be made easily, but also allows the television to offer a gesture system for controlling sound and video. For example, if we send the finger to silence the television, the silent mode will be activated. But we can also raise our hands to stop the reproduction.

Huawei also offers the possibility of synchronizing the mobile with the TV through a dedicated application. Finally, at the level of connectivity and ports we have WiFi, four HDMI 2.0 ports of which one is HDMI ARC and two USB 3.0 ports.

Versions and price of the Huawei Vision X65

The new Huawei TV is now available to book in China from the Vmall platform. It is available in a single gray color for its aluminum body and its official price is 24,999 Yuan.

It is a price range that places this television clearly in the high range, with the intention of competing with the rest of the latest OLED models presented by brands such as LG, Sony, Philips or Panasonic, which are located around three thousand euros for its 65-inch model.

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