Ants at home

Ants at home: 7 techniques to eliminate them permanently

Depending on the time of year, ants often spread their colony in search of more food or; they also do it because it is their nature. It is incredible the amount of these insects that there is for every human being in the world, and to avoid being invaded by an ant colony at home; it is best to remove them permanently, or at least create an environment that is not comfortable for them.

At Visit Houses we have a lot of experience with pest control, both fauna and flora can take over our space if we are not vigilant; ants at home are just one of many species, but it is our right to defend the space we call home.

If the ant colonies are invading you in an increasingly evident and aggressive way, this is the article you were looking for! Many sellers will try to make you buy their final insecticide, but the truth is that ants usually adapt very quickly to these formulas.

For that reason, here we bring you 7 techniques with which you can eliminate ants at home once and for all; at least until the next colony tries to gain control again because this is a constant power struggle.

Why are insecticides not enough?

It is well known that insecticide formulas vary from time to time, even twice a year. However, the resistance developed by ants and insects in general; it comes long before this change in formula occurs.

Generally speaking, you will always end up losing some money on an insecticide that will not be entirely effective with the colony that has developed the defenses. But that is not all, to eliminate pests; the insecticide formula can be so strong that it is capable of causing damage to plants and food.

Being toxic to both humans and our highest levels; It is normal that in Visit Houses we do not recommend the use of chemical insecticides to treat the ant problem at home.

Many other alternatives exist, as much or more efficient than those pesticides; you should just be encouraged to try them and enjoy the excellent results. These are the seven alternatives that we recommend.

But first!

Before you start buying products to eliminate ants because your grandmother recommended that a certain mixture was the best; and even before applying any of the techniques that we will mention here, you must complete this first step: you must find the anthill.

Even if you see hundreds of ants in one area of ​​your kitchen or bedroom; you will not achieve anything if you only kill those hundreds of ants, if they are outside the anthill it is because they are colonizing or looking for supplies.

In a nutshell; they are only a fraction of those that really should be looking to extend to the most comfortable corners of your home.

Perhaps finding the anthill is an impossible task, especially when it is located outside; But what you can always do is find the entrance through which they invade your house.

If you have any suspicion of where they may be entering; Then you can place a lure on the floor of your house or wherever you have seen them walking. Remember that ants often walk in line, communicating with each other that comes with those that go.

Do not start by killing them at first, locate the place on the wall or on the floor where they are entering your house.

7 techniques to permanently remove them

1. Baking soda with sugarAnts at home

Sugar is the perfect bait to attract ants, however; baking soda is as harmful to them as it is to many species.

Prepare a mixture of equal parts of both and spread it over those places where you have seen them. If you have already found the entrance to the anthill or at least the entrance through which they invade you; then try to cover that area with the mixture.

In this way the ants will desist from that entrance and, having spread the mixture in other areas of your house; will no longer see your home as a good place to forage or colonize.

2. Aromatic herbsAnts at home

An excellent option to get rid of ants completely is by planting aromatic herbs. A pot of mint, rosemary or lavender; Any one of the three is great for making ants move the anthill.

Best of all, this aroma is pleasing to us humans and; at the same time, it is very useful to drive away other types of unwanted insects.

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3. White vinegar solution with waterAnts at home

White vinegar is aggressive in removing ants from the home. Cleaning with vinegar provides many benefits, you will eliminate microorganisms that cause the appearance of mold and; best of all is its price.

Cleaning with vinegar in those areas where you have seen the ants will stop them from circulating there; Although the best solution of all is to clean the entire floor of the house and avoid leaving crumbs. However, they may continue to appear, for that reason; If you find the entrance through which they invade you or the anthill, throw a good stream of this mixture there.

4. Coffee

Either in beans or coffee leftovers from the machine after brewing; In both versions, this will be a great ally to scare away the ants and force them to change the anthill.

It is one of the best solutions for the garden, also, as you may have already noticed; Most of these solutions do not seek to eliminate ants entirely but to drive them away.

That may be one of the main reasons for the failure of insecticides; It is not a matter of committing genocide and destroying the entire town of an anthill, but of keeping them at bay. Coffee will do a great job causing you to not consider your home or orchards an optimal place to colonize.

5. CinnamonAnts at home

Similar to coffee, cinnamon has a strong aroma that is very pleasant for people, but the ants don’t like it at all. If in your house they don’t drink coffee or if you want to chase away the ants from one of the children’s rooms and you don’t want to impregnate it with a coffee smell; then cinnamon is the best solution.

Remember, it’s not about using a cinnamon-scented disinfectant; You must crush the cinnamon cloves and place them in the entrances that the ants have created towards your house.

It is not a solution to apply at the entrance to the anthill; As much as they hate the aroma, cinnamon is not harmful to them, so they could remove it and continue with the colonization process. It would be like doing dirty work, but in the end, they would.

6. Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural pesticide par excellence to combat all kinds of insects in the garden, but you can also use it indoors.

It is not very aesthetic to say; after all, it looks like a kind of talc accumulated in certain corners of the house; however, it is not a toxic home remedy and, best of all, it is odorless.

If someone doesn’t like the aroma of cinnamon or coffee but has ants in their room, diatomaceous earth may be the best solution.

7. The deadliest remedy that will kill all ants

Lastly, we bring one of the deadliest if not the deadliest of all insecticides; and it is practically free.

Citrus peels such as lemon, orange, and lime; all of them can be used for cleaning and their effects are very good. However, perhaps you did not know that they can be used to destroy an entire anthill.

The way to do this is to crush the citrus shells and then leave them in a place with some kind of lures like sugar or cookies. The ants will take the shells to the anthill (so it is convenient that they are well crushed).

Although at first they won’t do anything to them, over time, and when the shells decompose; they will produce a toxin that is deadly to ants, hence they all die without exception. You don’t even have to get the anthill, just create chunks that are small and well-primed enough to take away.

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