Wash a Weighted Blanket

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

The blanket is a common household product in our daily life. There are so many types of blankets. Since it uses daily, it got stains are a common thing. But when a blanket is weighted or highly fabric then it is a matter of concern. It is not easy to wash a weighted blanket or sensitive fabric.

That time follow some instructions to remove the stain

Notice on Stains

It is a very important thing to concentrated on stains. If you don’t concentrate on the stain then your all works go in vain. So, the first task is to find out all stains and try to understand how strong the stain. If these are not strong then you are lucky. Otherwise, you have to do a lot of work. Don’t worry if you are a lazy person then you can use a washing machine. Otherwise, you have to fight with your blanket on your empty hand.

Read the Tag

Before washing, read the tag. It is important to know the material of the blanket. It will help you to understand which detergent you can use and the washing machine.

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket by using cold water

To remove the dirt from the blanket first we have to wet it. For this purpose, we have to use cold water because warm water can be down the fabric quality. Sometimes, Hot water reacts with other integrated like bleach, fabric, etc. so try to don’t use warm water to wash a weighted blanket.

Use stain remover bleach

Bleach is a chemical product used as a stain remover. Its uses domestically and industrially. Bleach can damage the color of the product. For this, don’t use bleach without knowing its uses. Liquid bleach is a household product for washing purposes. Oxygen bleach is the best for a weighted blanket.

Use soap

Sometimes, some stain needs to take extra care especially when stains are strong. That time uses soap specific area and rubs it. Soap is useful to remove oiled-based stains.

Use Brush

Use hands for washing purposes is very terrible. If you use your hand to remove stains then the skin on the hands becomes thinner and buns. To get rid of it you can use a brush to reduce hand use.

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket by Machine

Usually wash a weighted blanket is so hard because the blanket is got more weighted when it is wet. It is not easy to wash manually. A washing machine can be the best alternative. Every machine has its own mechanism. So read the machine catalog.

Now use mild detergent, this chemical is free of bleach. If your blanket is more than 12 lbs then don’t try to wash it at home. It can be damaging your expensive laundry machine. So take your weighted blanket to the shop where commercial machines are available.

Dry weighted blanket

Anytime blanket can be got dirty so anytime it needs to wash. When the blanket gets wet it becomes more weighted. That time it is too very hard to dry up it. There two ways to dry up a blanket.

Use a dry machine, before using the machine to dry read the level because the machine settings depend on blanket ingredients. Usually, it’s either medium or low.

Use sunlight, it is the best way to dry a blanket but it is a very slow process. This process can not appropriate for the whole year, especially for the winter season. Otherwise, this process has no other problem.

Things to Avoid When Wash a Weighted Blanket

Iron: Do not use iron to dry a weighted blanket. Iron can be damaging the ingredient of blanket-like fibers.

Bleach: Bleach can also damage a weighted blanket, so if you avoid it then it will be the best decision. Instead of bleach, you can use gentle laundry detergent.

Warm Water: Do not use warm water. Because warn water can activate some reaction with other chemicals.

Notice on Fabric Considerations

Silk: Generally, silk doesn’t use in a blanket. And general washing process is not good for silk blankets but you can use dry cleaning.

Cotton: washing is easy when it is cotton. Cotton is durable. So try to use the cotton blanket. Use standard gentle laundry detergent to wash a weighted blanket of cotton.

Wool: You can not wash it in the machine. You need to dry cleaning or hand-wash. To prevent damage dry it in sunlight.

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