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How to make your mountain bike lighter?

A lot of mountain bikers are scared to take their bikes off the car rack. But if you want to ride a bike more often, make sure it’s not too heavy. And to make your bike lighter, you can use aluminum in its construction. How do you make your mountain bike lighter? That is the question you may be asking yourself right now.

How to make your mountain bike lighter?

If you want to make your mountain bike lighter than ever, the most important procedure is changing its tires from a more heavy aluminum sidewall model. You may like also: Best beginner mountain bikes

Lightweight Wheels

In case you are still wondering about how to save weight for your mountain bike’s wheels, I have some advice here on doing it right: You should use lightweight aluminum alloy in business as well as mountain bike wheels.

Cut your steering handlebar

Heavy bicycle handlebars are the most common cause of a heavier bike. But you can use lighter aluminum alloy for these parts to save much weight from your mountain bike triangle, making it less heavy than ever before.

Clean it

It’s important to get your mountain bike ready for a ride by cleaning its derailleurs, gears, and brakes. It is one of the most useful ways here to save weight for the money you have in mind. Since it’s not only a very useful piece but also provides you with lots of benefits that can help the quality of your ride and make yourselves more mobile. If instead, you cannot manage to clean this part for yourself or if nobody is going to do it for then, feel free to hire somebody else who has done such things before to see what needs attention first as well as how much will be needed so as not get charged over the edge. So you can be sure that their prices are more than reasonable and will save all of your money there for mountain bike parts.

Push-on grips

It can be omitted to buy the plastic covers that go over the grips where you placed your hand, but it is much lighter if you cannot have this. Push-on grips are simply way better. I always suggest people get them instead.

Different size wheels and brakes for comfort commuting

The mountain bike manufacturers usually provide their bicycles with various sizes of rims in their model series, which suits any riders’ physical well-being depending on personal choice as well as what kinds of the unique experience that particular person desires. So you should think over which size can be the most suitable one for your condition or on the other hand when it comes to mountain bike and also a bicycle, try getting all these parts with equal sizes and perhaps taking away some weight right off in addition if at all you have any slack in there.

Plastic pedals

Most of the beginner riders neglect to get either pedal which is not metal, as well as plastic, at least until they have a more serious riding age. Second timer bikers, on the top way up, can make smart decisions in these parts, and even if you do not intend to do any cross country trekking or so for a long time, never hesitate to pass on different kinds of mountain bike pedals that will be suited best just for your usual cycling lifestyle needs. You might need three to four different types if you are on a budget.

Go minimalist

If cheap means no expensive parts and, of course, choosing purely simple components that we can easily find in any hardware you might stumble upon, then getting a good trails mountain bike would be an advantage for you.

Major attention should be given to the frame material to make sure it is durable enough for all weather conditions as well as possible attacks from other users or maybe animals like flocks of geese; this part needs consideration to everyone who has the intention of taking over the tough trails. As this is the main support for everything, many riders prefer cheaper aluminum frames but a lot more durable in comparison to alloy and will not bend as easily on bumps or turn into junk if something along those lines should ever happen, no matter how minor it may seem at first glance anyway.

Remove chain cover

It is not mandatory even if they are made in a way that will most certainly cause damage to the chains and pulleys being used, depending on what kind of variant you choose. Since it exists, erasing this part from your future single-speed mountain bike would be beneficial for everyone, especially those who are often spending more than an hour or so each day during every bit of weather conditions.

Changing ratios appropriately

Most riders find themselves comfortable with keeping the same ratio since the shifts will already be made well before then and simply changing down to a lower gear would mean a lot. This is even more likely for those within biking groups like it often happens with trail races on climbs. You can very easily change ratios, reducing your overall effort required just in case of lack of space during jump sections, if any should happen at all, but most often, they do not.

A wheel upgrade is also worth mentioning and might be more comfortable for those who are looking to use the bicycle for more heavy-duty activities such as endurance rides lasting up to several hours at a time and might otherwise need something of higher quality that is going to last many years yet.

Additionally, it will be interesting how this comes into play, especially about all other factors closely associated with power, among others.


This is used primarily for mountain bikes which are shorter in range, boosting the overall performance being able to get from one place to another as fast and efficiently day after day if you do not choose to buy something different.

The type of ring options is then on hand at your disposal along with their applicable sizes before deciding the least popular path that happens most times though there surely exist other alternatives too.


There are a lot of ways to make your mountain bike lighter. But the best way is to use carbon fiber. By using this material, you can reduce weight without losing strength and performance. Also, you can use the material in your mountain bike frame, making it lighter than ever before. If you want to save weight on your mountain bike, then you should consider using carbon fiber for all parts of the bike.

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