How to Make the Most of your Garage

A garage is a great addition to your home – having a garage gives you a wide range of options for how you use it, but often they become a junk storage unit. This is easy to put right however and to start making the most of your garage. It may be that you have a lot of clutter that has built up in it over the years, so you may need to devote a few bitesize sessions to de-cluttering rather than doing the whole thing in one go, which can be daunting. Once you have got rid of all the stuff that you don’t need, however, you can do a wide range of things with your garage…

Use it as a garage! Of course, this is the obvious thing to do – keep your car in it and with clever storage such as shelves from somewhere like Rackzone a shelving Ireland based company, you can make space a much more organised place.

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As an office – With so many more people having to work from home, why not turn your garage into your own office. A garage makes an ideal workspace, as it is separate enough from the rest of the house to allow you a place to concentrate.

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A Man Cave – We all need somewhere to retreat, and with the pubs not being open much this year, why not turn your garage into your own pub or man cave? Add a pool table, or big tv and you have your own sports bar – the perfect getaway whilst still being at home!

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