The Men’s Fashions of the 90s Making a Comeback this Season

The 90s was a decade defined by cool, casual and comfortable clothing. A breath of fresh air on the fashion scene after the power dressing and smart structured styles of the 80s. It was a decade where sportswear became fashionable, denim was best distressed and the less put together an outfit looked the better.

Not a decade for those who favour smarter styles, the 90s is once again having a revival – designers have been putting a modern twist on many of the iconic styles of the 90s like these Farah Oxford shirts available at EJ Menswear, and we are definitely seeing fashion become much more heavily influenced by this era – so if you are updating your wardrobe for the winter months, here are a few things that you might want to add to your shopping list…

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Sportswear- The 90s was the decade that brought sportswear to the mainstream – football stars and basketball stars were not only inspirational figures but style icons and Michael Jordan and David Beckham were watched by teenage boys all over the world for their style choices as well as their sporting prowess! Keep an eye out for the classic sports brands of the 90s such as Fila, Kappa and Champion as well as the more modern names on your next shopping trip.

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Grunge – The 90s grunge scene was huge and with Kurt Cobain at the helm, the ripped jeans and checked shirts soon became staple pieces in wardrobes all over the world. This casual and comfortable look is making a comeback – look for distressed denim and checks to revive this huge 90s trend.

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