Install Kitchen Soap Dispenser

How to Install Kitchen Soap Dispenser

A kitchen soap dispenser is useful when it is attached to the sink. Otherwise, soap disperser moves from one place to another place or falls which can waste your time and concentration.

Installing Kitchen Soap Dispenser

Select place

First, select the place where you want to set the kitchen soap dispenser. Usually, the sink has holes for the faucet and other accessories. Sometimes there are no holes left for the kitchen soap dispenser that time you need to drill the sink. To drill the sink you need a drill machine and surgical tape. Now put the tape on the sink where you want to drill. Mark the place with a marker. Usually, this hole diameter is 1 inch so draw a 1 diameter circle and drill it. If you and most of your family members are left-handed then select the left side otherwise select the right side. But if you are the only person who uses this sink then don’t think for others.

Set the Kitchen Soap Dispenser

The kitchen soap dispenser has two parts one sits on the upper side of the sink and another part sits under the sink. Remove the pump from battle. The kitchen soap dispenser has also a straw, ring lock nut, and washer. Unscrew the ring lock and washer. Now sit the pump on the hole and go under the sink. You have to be careful because under the sink the space is narrow so you can hurt your head. To protect your eyes from unwanted small particles you can wear glass. Now put the washer then lock nut. Rotated the lock nut clockwise and try to tighten it. Maybe it is not to tighten the lock nut with your hand. For this, you can use a wrench but you have to use this wrench carefully. Because most of the time this lock nut is made of plastic so it will be broken if you tighten it more. After tightening the lock nut, adjust the bottle with the spare part. This bottle is also made of plastic.

Now come out from the under sink and check the upper part is it rotated or not. If it doesn’t rotate that means you do your job properly. Now connect the tube with the pump and put the pump into the bottle. Thus you can install a kitchen soap dispenser yourself.

Install Kitchen Soap Dispenser Extension Tube

Sometimes it is not possible to attach a bottle because there is not much space under the sink. That time you need another trick which will be useful. The extension tube can be a perfect solution for you and also refill the kitchen soap dispenser bottle.

First set the pump on the sink then remove the straw. Instead of a straw, you can use a long flexible tube. Remove the straw and adjust the tube. Now draw a flexible tube where you want to set the soap dispenser bottle. Put off the bottle lid and take a rubber lid. Now create a hole on the rubber lid and draw the tube into the rubber hole. Tight the rubber lid on the mouth of the bottle. Now pump the and check soap is coming or not. If the soap doesn’t come then maybe there is a leak or not tighten properly.

Check Valve for Kitchen Soap Dispenser Tube

Sometimes kitchen soap dispenser’s pump machine can’t draw the soap or lotion through the long tube. Because when the tube is so long then the pump machine has to be powerful. Otherwise, it can’t pump properly. But the all kitchen soap disperser’s pump machine isn’t powerful for the long tube that time pump machine needs an assistant called Check Valve. Cut the tube at the middle point and join the tube’s endpoint with check valve two sides.

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