How to get paint out of hair

How to get paint out of hair

At born, most babies are an artist. They like to play with color more than to paint. So, they can get paint on their body, face, hand, and hair easily. And it also happens to older when they paint some things. After finishing the paint then the main headache is getting rid of paint from the body and hair.

Classify the paint type

To remove the paint from the body and hair people search for how to get paint out of their hair and body. But before searching you have to identify the paint type. If you identify the paint type then is it easier to remove. Because different kinds of paint contain different kinds of ingredients.

There are several types of paint latex-based paint, oil-based paint, water-based paint, and primer.

Remove paint from hair by base

Each base has individual characteristics. When you try to remove paint by knowing its base then you can apply the correct method to remove the paint.

Latex-based paint

Latex-based paint is one kind of water-based but it is similar to acrylic paint. Generally, this type of paint is used for a large area. And you or someone who works for large are then there is a probability stick paint to hair.

If your hair gets a large number of paints then firstly use your fingernail. Remove the paint as possible as you can. Then rinse your hair with clean water and sit it for a few hours. After that, the hair separates from each other. Now comb out the paint debris from hair.

Oil-based paint

When you want to get paint out of your hair and this paint is oil-based then you don’t have to worry. Because it is easier to remove paint from hair. Just forward to the kitchen and take off the olive oil. If you don’t have olive oil then you can take any cooking oil. Now take the oil on your pump and rub the pumps with each other so that you can incorporate the oil into the hair properly. If your hair is long and the paint stick more then incorporates more oil. After that sit the oil for a few minutes. Now take a fine-tooth comb and separate the paint debris. Remember that, the comb can be stuck by debris. So comb your hair gently.

Water-based paint

When your hair got paint but this paint is water-based then it is the easiest to remove in comparison with other paints. Rinse your hair with clean water then take a shampoo that you normally use. Now incorporate the shampoo into your hair and sit it for a few minutes. after that, the paint will get softer. Now apply a fine-tooth comb to your hair. Remember when you wet your hair and sit it for a few minutes with shampoo. That can soften the root of the hair so when you apply a comb that time you have to apply it gently. Otherwise more hair comes with the comb.

Acrylic paint

It is also water-based but it dries too quickly. So when your hair gets acrylic paint that means the paint all almost dry and sticks to the hair. If you follow some steps then the paint will be washable.

Step 1: Rinse your hair with lukewarm water

Step 2: Apply the shampoo to your hair

Step 3: Massage your hair more where the paint got.

Step 4: Apply comb on your hair

Step 5: Now wash your hair

N.B: You can use olive oil but before applying olive oil you don’t need to wet your hair.

How to get paint out of hair When you don’t know the type of paint

Sometimes there is no level on the used paint pot. So you can’t know the paint type.

Step 1: Use your fingernails to scrape

Step 2: Rinse your hair with lukewarm water

Step 3: Apply shampoo

Step 4: Massage the painted part

Step 5: Run a fine-tooth comb

Step 6: Now rinse your hair

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