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How to Choose Air Conditioning Maintenance Services?

In Canberra, hiring an electrician can vary from $60 per hour to $100 per hour. They can charge you a service fee of $70 to $130 per hour. Those who don’t charge a call-out fee can charge more for the first hour’s work. Repairing and maintaining air conditioners is essential as they keep the home temperature cool and bearable during scorching summers. You require a trusted AC repair and maintenance service to keep your unit functioning properly. An air conditioning service in Canberra offers complete maintenance and repair so that your system works at its best. Such a service has qualified electricians who can assist with electrical works and safety checks on heating, cooling, solar, and hot water. Here are some points to note for picking a reliable service.

Look at the Extent of Services Offered?

A reliable air conditioning service provides a range of services. They include the following:

  • Lighting and fans – With this service, the professionals can handle every single one of your outdoor and indoor lighting needs. They have the required expertise for security lights, LED lighting systems and IXL, and Tastic units for the bathroom. They can also install ceiling fans.
  • Heating and cooling – The service can install Breezair, Braemar, and Coolair evaporative cooling units. Apart from that, the service professionals can repair IXL electric wall heaters and electric hot water systems. They can also install non-ducted split air conditioning units.
  • Switchboard upgrades and replacements – A good air conditioning service in Canberra advises you on whether your switchboard has the necessary safety switches in place. It also tells you if you would want to consider upgrading your switchboard. They provide a switchboard upgrade service and help you find the best solution for your house.
  • Servicing ducted reverse cycle air conditioner – The service professionals conduct an annual ducted reverse cycle that carries a detailed 11-point ducted air conditioning service. They check everything from thermostat controls to electronics and refrigerant supplies. They also check the air temperature that the system is supplying to ensure that everything is working fine.

Find if the Electricians Are Insured

Insurance covers any charges incurred if the professional gets hurt on your premises. It also takes care of any damages they cause when repairing your AC units. All home insurance policies need electric work performed by licensed and insured electricians. Your prospective electrician service should have licensed and insured electricians. Suppose a fire occurs in your home and is found to be connected to the electrical work that such an electrician didn’t perform. In that case, the insurance agencies won’t cover claims. Consequently, you may need to shell hundreds of thousands of dollars from your pocket for repairs.

Look at the Reviews and Testimonials

You must also check if the repair company has reviews online. When you go through what their customers have to say about them, it can save you from regret. People who have had an excellent experience with a company usually leave a review on the service website. So, if you cannot find testimonials about the service on their site, it indicates that they don’t provide good service or are new.

Choose a Service with Great Customer Care Support

Your first contact with the service will reveal a lot about their customer care. Notice how they respond to you. Do they reply to your concerns quickly or not? Are their workers respectful and polite? It’s essential to choose a service provider you can contact at any time.

Follow these tips to find a trustworthy AC maintenance and repair service in your area. You will undoubtedly find some reliable professionals who will care for all your electric repair and maintenance needs.

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