How to carry condoms

Everyone knows that condoms are crucial for a healthy, happy sex life. It’s vital to carry some around if there is any chance that you might be going to have sex – especially with a new partner or before you and your existing partner have been tested for any STIs before you consider losing the protection. But how exactly can you carry these essentials around with you in a practical, discreet – and accessible way?

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The classic approach

Most men tend to carry a condom in their wallet and this has always been one of the most traditional ways of transporting one around, just in case. However, a wallet isn’t always the ideal spot, especially if the condom is in there for a long team and exposed to heat and movement.

If this happens too much, it can become brittle and may even break! If you are going to carry protection in your wallet, then check it regularly to make sure it is in good condition. Equally, if you carry your wallet in the car during winter, be mindful that freezing temperatures can also cause latex to degrade.

To keep your condom in good condition, bring your wallet indoors at the end of the day and change the emergency condom once a week. Keep an eye on use by dates to make sure you don’t get caught out. Equally, don’t put one inside the case of your mobile phone, as the battery of the phone itself can get very hot and cause the latex to degrade.

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Other alternatives

Remember, until you go for your sexual wellbeing and STI test in Bexley with, then you’ll need to have a ready condom for dates. So why not try using storage spots such as a laptop case, a breath mints box or a glasses case? All are likely to be well away from bending, breaking and extremes of temperature.

If you have a coat with a zipped interior pocket, this can be a good option and for women, bags with interior zipped pockets are very sensible. Don’t forget makeup bags, either. Ladies, it is vital that you take your sexual health into your own hands, so find a good spot to store a condom yourself, so that you aren’t relying on your new partner to do all the safety work for you.

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