How to help common foot problems

Foot pain can leave you feeling totally miserable, preventing you from enjoying your usual pursuits. Here are some of the most common foot complaints that men experience and how to deal with them:

Heel Pain

This is usually caused by plantar fasciitis and can be incredibly painful when walking. It is caused by inflammation of the tissue and muscle that travels along the base of your heel to the ball of your foot, called the plantar fascia. Runners and sportspeople can get this due to over training, but it can also be caused by wearing the wrong type of shoes. Relief can be brought on by rolling a golf ball or frozen water bottle under your foot, inserting insoles into offending shoes or better still, get some better fitting shoes. Check out the range of Mens Rieker Shoes at

Big Toe Pain

This is most likely being caused by a bunion. These are bony swellings that form at the base of a big toe, protruding outwards and causing discomfort.
These can often be hereditary but can also be exacerbated by wearing shoes that are too tight around the toes.  Ice packs and bunion pads can ease discomfort but for more serious bunions, you might need to try toe-spacers to re-align your toe position.

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Ankle Top Pain

If you’re feeling an uncomfortable pinch where your shoelaces are tied, it could be a problem with your peroneal nerve. This nerve runs down your leg and through the foot. It can be brought on by laces tied too tightly or too high and also by the shoe’s tongue hitting the top of the ankle. Try lacing shoes two or three spaces lower or cutting off the top inch of a shoe tongue. If pain continues, you should seek the help of a podiatrist.

Achilles Pain

This manifests as a shooting pain between your heel and calf muscle and is often caused by tendonitis. An overuse injury, the Achilles tendon becomes inflamed and your ankle stiffens up. This can be caused by wearing shoes with too low a profile, or not enough sole support which puts a greater burden on the Achilles tendon with every step taken. Rest and ice regularly will ease the symptoms, as will taking some anti-inflammatory medication. A heel lift for your shoes can help to soak up some of the shock from walking and ease the pressure on your Achilles.

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