Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Bodycon Dresses

Dresses have been one contemporary clothing choice among women as they come flooded with different styles. Dresses and maxis can suit almost all body types because they are versatile, and there is always an option for one. Body-hugging dresses hold a significant part in every woman’s wardrobe. After all, who doesn’t like to flatter their figure? On this note, bodycon dresses are the best to wear for parties, event gatherings and date nights. Though these dresses grabbed attention starting in the late nineties, they are still in fashion and will stay forever.

The go-to option for body-conscious women, these dresses can leave one with the perfect silhouette and a figure to flaunt all evening. Even though they best suit women with an hourglass figure, they often strive to give you one, contouring at the right spots and letting you fall in love with your curves. Bodycon is also for the confident and those who would like to stop feeling insecure about their curves. However, wearing them the right way is super essential too!

Five tips on choosing and wearing a bodycon dress like a pro

If this is your first bodycon dress or you have failed pathetically in the past, making wrong choices, here are five tips you will cherish forever.

  1. Consider your body shape

Bodycon clothes ensure to ace through pulling off a perfect silhouette. But if you do not have an hourglass figure, not all bodycon dresses are for you. The idea is to show off your best and most appealing features. So, to do that, you need to find your body shape.

Match your shoulder, waist and hip to identify under what category your body falls into. If your hips and thighs are broader than the upper part of your body, the shape is pear and, vice versa, is the inverted triangle shape. But what does this have to do with the bodycon dress? If you have a pear-shaped body, it is always better to look for a bodycon that emphasises your upper body so that you can pull off a balanced and uniform shape all over.

  1. Try shapewear

Alternatively, you can also invest in shapewear to hide your body flaws and ensure your skin doesn’t get bunched under the form-fitting dress. Not just that, shapewear can also hide bra and pantie lines and flawlessly pull off the perfect outlook.

  1. Switch to thicker fabrics

Bodycon out of thin and silky fabric may seem comfortable but highlight wrong features and cannot ultimately compliment your body shape. Thick fabrics work well when it comes to compressing the body and create a figure-flattering look. So, to ensure you get the best out of a bodycon dress, it is always better to opt for thick over thin fabrics.

  1. Pair up a belt

Another way to flaunt your figure, especially the waist, is by adding a belt to your bodycon dress. For women who lack a perfect hourglass figure, feeling insecure about their oval-shaped body clenching their waistline is a fascinating option. For those with plumpy hips, a skinny belt is the best to wear.

  1. Accessorising rightly

You will find most celebrity looks come with dark shades of bodycon dresses and minima accessories. That is indeed the right way to ace a perfect bodycon dress. Never wear bulky necklaces or earrings with such dresses. Instead, go for studs, some rose-gold rings and a small necklace. Another pro tip is to wear heels with a bodycon dress. Always avoid flip-flops, flats and even sneakers with figure-flattering clothes.

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