Different types of meter boxes

For a household to get a clear picture of how much energy it is consuming and for suppliers to bill correctly, we have gas and electricity meters. These important meters are often located outside the property and for protection purposes and to prevent tampering, they are enclosed in a lockable box.

There are a number of different types of boxes, otherwise known as kiosks or housings, and the one required will depend on factors like the gas mains pressure, size of the meters and the location of the meters. The different types include free-standing units, recessed, wall mounted and ground boxes.

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The most popular material for these boxes is plastic. Plastic does not corrode, is tough against weather conditions and easy to work with and keep clean. There are also metal boxes available.

A ground box or semi-concealed unit is partially visible and sits in the ground. This type of box is not suitable if the lid of the box could cause a trip hazard or be exposed to vehicle damage, for example. The meter is read from a vertical angle.

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Surface mounted units are most commonly seen in UK properties and are mounted to a wall in a garage or outside a property. For a new Gas Meter box, contact meterbox.co.uk

A built-in unit or cavity box is partially built into the wall of the property and is usually installed at the time of construction or by removing bricks after construction.

Free standing units are more commonly found on sites where a lot of gas is consumed.

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