menswear trends for 2018

Eight menswear trends for 2018

Looking stylish and appropriately dressed for all occasions is important not just for leisure activities, but in the professional realm as well. Read on to find out what the smartly attired man will be wearing this year.

menswear trends for 2018

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Big and brown

The news from Paris and Milan in men’s designer clothes indicated an increased reverence for brown. Brown was everywhere, from coats to cloaks. Strong colours were another common feature on the catwalk, featuring in accessories such as bags.

Back to coats, the oversized outer garment, particularly the long robe style coat – possibly belted – will be a durable look.

White on the bottom half, as jeans, trousers, slacks and even cropped flares, are also prominent, and great for summer, as long as you’re not eating something messy.

For more on the looks from the catwalks at the autumn and winter shows held recently in Paris, see this report from The Guardian.

menswear trends for 2018

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Love the layers

Layers are practical for cold weather dressing, but now on trend as well. Designers are combining all kinds of garments, from suits to gilets, shirts, anoraks, and fleeces into edgy, contrasting combinations.

Great jumpers in vivid colours are also coming up trumps for comfort and wearability while delivering casual chic for the wearer. Jumpers are a wonderful go-to garment for the man who wants to look good without trying too hard.

Nylon, especially as envisioned by the Italians, is also having a fashion moment, specifically in vivid colours, with padding, quilting and finished with leather or denim that combines comfort and panache.

Designer trainers continue their popularity as well. Look for heavy treads and pumped soles for trainers to go the extra style mile.

If you are interested in men’s designer clothes that offer real value for money, it would be a good idea to look at a retailer such as which offers a large range of the latest styles.

Dressing well can be fun and even be really comfortable when you choose the right pieces. It is never too soon to start learning about investment dressing and buy quality pieces that will look good for years. The best ones combine great fabric and cut with a contemporary style that will take men confidently wherever they need to go. Find out what suits you, and build a wardrobe around that.

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