Right Space for Your Conference

How to Choose the Right Space for Your Conference

The success of your business conference or corporate event lies heavily on finding the right space to host your event. So what should you be looking for as you whittle down your selection?

Right Space for Your Conference

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Get the Space Right

The ideal room will have ample room for your guests to mingle but not so much that the conference feels half empty. Work with the space organiser to match possible rooms to the likely number of attendees that you will have.

Make Sure It Is Accessible

Whether your delegates are being bussed in for the occasion or will travel to the venue under their own steam, make sure it is easily accessible with plenty of parking and a short distance to public transport facilities. People will be far more likely to attend if the location is local and in a convenient spot.

Check for Amenities

Good conference facilities will have a broad range of facilities, from food through to washrooms and breakout areas with charging points for digital devices. An events agency in Dublin such as http://davisevents.ie/ can help you to identify which services you will need. Quality catering is always a draw! Don’t forget to check that services for any lighting, sound and technology on the day are also provided as required – for example, some venues will offer an AV technician team.

Right Space for Your Conference

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The Right Agenda

Make sure your agenda is relevant and appealing enough to entice delegates to attend – even if they are obliged to! Put on excellent speakers, provide food and consider additional events such as networking and post-conference drinks. Think about what your customers will want from the event and what will give them value.

Make Sure It Has Excellent Health and Safety Credentials

All professional conference locations should be fully compliant with health and safety, particularly with regards to maximum numbers, fire exit procedures and routes, access and so forth. Check that you are happy with the provisions at any event location you visit, and quiz the manager so that you are satisfied that H&S is taken extremely seriously.

A Good Layout

Look for an event location with a convenient layout that will support your plans for the day. This could include the ability to reorganise chairs and tables and space for breakout sessions.

What features will be most vital to your next business conference?

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