Diabetes foot care

Diabetics Must look after Their Feet

Presence of high levels of sugar in the body is known as Diabetes. It is a health condition that could have its effect on various body parts with feet being the most affected. This is the reason why diabetics are suggested to take extra care of their feet, to avoid any problems.

Diabetes has multiple ill effects on your feet. The commonest cases have been those where it impacts nerves in the feet. Doctors have termed this condition as Peripheral Neuropathy. As the nerves in feet become damaged, it becomes way harder to detect any problem of feet. Your cerebral cortex simply does not get sufficient signals to ring the panic bells.

Further on, diabetes hampers the circulation of blood in the body. Since the blood circulation isn’t ordinary, injuries or any kind of injury in the feet takes more time to heal. People suffering from diabetes are more prone to feet infections as the resistance of their body to battle infections is reduced considerably. This is maybe why you will find many diabetics suffering from foot ulcers.

Considering the damage that diabetes can do to the feet, it becomes vital for diabetics to look after their feet. These are some tips that will help you with the same.

First and foremost, you must maintain proper hygiene. Keep your feet clean at all times. Wash your feet with lukewarm water and a good antibacterial body wash or soap. Dry out your feet exactly listening to your toes. Ensure that there is not any moisture left out there. Presence of moisture in between the toes could lead to the development of fungal infection. Using talcum powder to dry out your feet absolutely.

Regular inspection of your feet is a must. At the end of the day, spare a minute or two to your feet. See if there are any ulcers, cuts, sores or any other kind of bruises. In case you find any, make sure that you go and see a doctor.

Next vital thing is the appropriate choice of shoes. Wear only those shoes that fit your wonderfully. Ill-fitting shoes could damage your feet. Wear the kind of shoes that permit your feet to breathe. Shoes that let moisture breed may result in infection. Female diabetics must avoid wearing any heels.

Further, it is critical that you clip your toenails regularly. Your toenails are dirt traps and therefore you want to get shot of them as fast as they grow. Cut the nails properly and remove any mud besieged in the cuticles.

So if you are suffering from diabetes, ensure that you take proper care of your feet.`So, if you’re subjected to diabetes, do take extra care of your feet.

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