Methods of teeth whitening

Home methods of teeth whitening

What should be the teeth? Certainly, healthy, smooth and snow-white – today with this statement no one will argue. And modern dentistry does just miracles so that the teeth meet all the requirements that are presented to them.

However, sometimes people think that with some problems, for example, with teeth whitening, you can manage yourself. Of course, home tooth whitening differs from whitening in the clinic, however, these long-known methods still cause interest.

So, let’s look at home methods of teeth whitening: the pros and cons – perhaps for someone it will be interesting and useful.

Home methods of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening at home may require some drugs that can be purchased at the pharmacy, and are known for perseverance and consistency, as well as thoroughness.

It is important to understand that each person is unique, so the procedures that proved to be effective for one person can be completely useless or ineffective for another.

Method number 1 – Teeth whitening with activated charcoal

For teeth whitening procedures, you should use regular activated charcoal, which is sold in the pharmacy chain.

Tablets of activated charcoal should be crushed into powder. Then, with a moistened toothbrush, this activated charcoal powder should be collected and used for cleaning teeth. Teeth are more convenient to clean, if on a brush with the activated coal to squeeze out from a tube a small amount of a tooth-paste.

The procedure should be performed no more than once every ten days, but it can be done every two weeks.

The result of this procedure can be noticed not earlier than in a month, however, it is not necessary to do the procedure more often. Keep reading

Method number 2 – Teeth whitening with tea tree oil

Tea tree oil, which is necessary for this procedure, should be purchased at the pharmacy. Whitening is done by daily rinsing with a solution that is prepared from pure boiled water and tea tree oil: in five cups of water at room temperature, five drops of this essential oil should be dripped.

Dentists warn that brushing your teeth, applying tea tree oil directly to the brush, is quite dangerous because it is so easy to achieve the destruction of the enamel. However, when rinsing, you can get not only a good whitening effect, but also reduce plaque sedimentation, and also reduce the amount of tartar.

The duration of the procedures with tea tree oil is very individual and depends on many factors.

Method number 3 – Whitening teeth with hydrogen peroxide

For bleaching procedures, you should use conventional hydrogen peroxide, which is sold in the pharmacy chain.

To prepare a whitening solution for rinsing, dilute hydrogen peroxide with ordinary drinking water (proportion 1:1). Before rinsing, the teeth should be thoroughly cleaned with toothpaste, and after rinsing with a peroxide solution, the mouth cavity should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water.

Rinse with hydrogen peroxide should be done twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

The duration of the course of procedures should not exceed one week.

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