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Shark Vacuum Lights Blinking? Problem Solved!


Shark has its reputation in the world of vacuum cleaners. They make vacuum cleaners with the best of quality and endurance.

From all the vacuum cleaners you can find in the market, the shark comes with the latest technologies and features. The light indicators are one of their best systems.

The light indicator of the Shark vacuum cleaners is used to indicate the condition of the machine. Mostly they have lights colored red and green.

Different lights have different meanings and use. Most of the time, the lights blink to indicate the condition of the machine.

Sometimes lights blink with different meanings and as an indication of various problems the machine is facing. Sometimes the lights can also blink because of the circuit issues and other sensitive issues.

Reasons for the blinking of the machines might have a different meaning, and you don’t have to bother with the blinking light issue much.

We have solutions and reasons behind every blinking light issue. All you have to do is just scrolling to know. And the Shark vacuums are one of the best vacuuming products available for your pet hair issues.

Lights Blinking: problems and solutions

Because of different reasons, the light of the Shark vacuum cleaner can blink. Below the most common reasons responsible for the blinking of view are discussed with solutions.

Problem 1: (Unproper Nozzle Installation)

This issue may not seem to be the major one, but one of the most common topics responsible for unusual lights is blinking. The nozzle is one of the most important and can’t be ignored part of a vacuum cleaner. If the nose of the vacuum cleaner is not installed correctly, the machine may malfunction, and the indicator lights may blink unusually without any reason. Most of the consumers get afraid when this kind of problem happens, but it’s just an ordinary and silly issue.


There is no fearing solution to this kind of problem. Very quickly, you can fix this problem without giving much effort. When this type of problem with the machine, you can find out where it is occurring and uninstall and reinstall the nozzle. The problem will be solved.

Problem 2: (Battery Issues)

The most common and easy to fix an issue when the lights are unusually blinking. It is widespread not only with the vacuum cleaner but any machine that runs with the help of the battery. When the battery is out of power or energy, the lights may start to blink unusually. The run out of energy is not the only issue responsible for an amazing view, sometimes blinking because of debris and other dust in the battery chamber. This kind of problem may occur, which is not even taken as a big issue.


It is a problem the solution of which we all know. If your machine is a rechargeable one, charge it, and the problem will be solved. Even if the problem is not resolved, change the battery and get a newer one from the market. If you notice any debris in the battery chamber, take a dry cloth and wipe it clearly, and the problem will be solved. After all, that, if the problem isn’t solving, take it to the technician and get it solved as early as possible.

Problem 3: (Brush Rolls)

Another important part of the vacuum is the brush roll. The functioning of the brush roll has direct issues with the lights on your machine.  The green light of the vacuum cleaner indicates that the brush roll of the vacuum cleaner is working properly. If the indicator is blinking red, then there must be the signal which tells you to clean the brush roll. These are very normal functions with the vacuum cleaner. The problem is when the light is neither blinking or turning red or green. Then you have to understand that your brush roll has a major problem. Most of the time, this kind of problems occur if the dirt’s jam the brush roll. If the brush roll gets blocked, then the light starts to blink unusually or may not light up at all.


The solution to the brush roll issue is straightforward and easy to do. All you have to do is clean the blocked brush and make sure all the dirt particles that are responsible for the blockage are out. And, if you do not want to be in such kind of issues with the brush roll, you can mop the dirty surface before running the vacuum cleaner to make sure that any bigger dust particle isn’t left.

Problem 4: (Belt Problem)

After the brush roll, the part of the vacuum cleaner, which can’t be ignored as a reason for the blinking of the light of the vacuum cleaner is the best. The belt is the part of the cleaner, which helps to run the brush roll. Most of the time, the belt tends to get loose because of continuous use. Once the belt is broken, the link of the motor with brush roll cuts off, and the lights start to blink or sometimes do not even get turned on.


If the issue is the belt, then you have to do some work on it. You have to open the belt part of the vacuum cleaner with the help of a screwdriver and also help to check if the problem is actually with the belt. If it is, then you have to replace the belt to fix the problem and get a newer one.


The possible reasons that can be responsible for the blinking of the lights of your shark vacuum cleaner are now in front of you with the possible solutions.

These are the most common of all responsible for the problem. If your machines light doesn’t get fixed even after applying these solutions, then it has bigger issues.

If you tried all the solutions and checked all the problems given and your machine is not properly working, take it to the technician.

There might be an issue with the circuit board, or the light is damaged of their own. So, the technician may come with some solution over it.

If you are just distressed with your old grandpa machine, do not worry! We have a proper list of smart designed new model vacuum cleaners and other home appliances.

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