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4 tips to decorate with black and white squares

The combination that adds the visual image of black and white color forming part of the same decorative reality is a universal proposal in interior design. The strength of this chromatic essence is also transferred to the creative universe of art thanks to works that project an image that is born from the use of this composition. Artistic decoration is common in homes, a concept that enhances the beauty of the walls that show off a new life. How to decorate with black and white pictures?

1. Cities in black and white

When you travel as a tourist to a new destination, you know the architecture of that place immediately through the observation that produces the admiration you feel. One of Mario Benedetti’s phrases of love reads as follows: “Each city can be as many as those who travel through it lovingly.” The memory of a city is conditioned by an experience in which different factors influence, for example, the emotions experienced during that getaway.

And art also expresses the multiple perspectives of a place as it shows, for example, the language of color that combines an atmosphere in black and white that is so reminiscent of the magic of the seventh art. What place that has a special meaning for you do you want to be part of the decoration of your house? That image will be an inspiration to choose a black and white painting that is the protagonist of a main place.

2. Pencil drawings

Art is an expression of creativity that prints on the canvas the mark of that author who has let his imagination run wild in his work. One of the formulas that stands out in this objective of decorating with works in black and white is to frame pencil drawings that, from their simplicity, add the strength of this artistic beauty to the place where they are located.

There are different ideas that you can put into practice. For example, it reinforces the symmetry approach to integrate a set based on the sum of two elements that, although different, keep a bond of harmony with each other.

3. Decorative calligraphy to decorate the house

One of the decoration proposals for any home, regardless of the main style, is to add some emotional touch to that setting that acquires its deepest meaning from the daily experience of those who inhabit that place. How to integrate this type of concept through art? Decorative calligraphy is an example of an idea that can be transferred to the home plan.

A craft proposal that, in addition to providing an entertainment plan to do at home, also has a decorative component. It is possible to give greater prominence to a message that conveys an optimistic idea that adds hope and joy to the daily routine.

4. Pictures on white background

The background of a white wall reinforces the presence of a work that enhances its details when it reaches this perspective with a context that nurtures the beauty of said creation. When you visit an art gallery to observe a new collection, you can see that the white color describes the main tone of the walls. Therefore, you can transfer this example to your home to create this harmony with a work elaborated in these main tones, which, in turn, maintains a balance with a white wall.

In conclusion, when choosing the pictures to decorate the house you can take into account different trends. One of them is the choice of works that have this aesthetic that adds the beauty of black and white as part of the same reality.

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