Customer Service Standards Improved by Social Media

As a nation, the British have a reputation as being reluctant complainers. Due to our innate sense of politeness and levels of respect for others, many Brits just do not feel comfortable complaining. However, when standards of customer service have been particularly poor, surely we should let our feelings be known to the company involved? Why should an organisation be allowed to get away with giving poor standards of service when it is consumer money which is keeping them in business?

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Consumer Rights

It seems that the only time many people will complain about poor service standards is in those instances where they believe their consumer rights have been breached The UK government has an advice page for times such as this. Alternatively, customers can go straight to the Citizens’ Advice page. However, these are only for those instances where the law may have been broken. What about the times when a company may have given basic bad service?

Fortunately, the advent of social media in recent years has made it easier than ever for the general public to make their voices heard when it comes to consumer standards. In the pre-internet days, the only way someone could make others aware of poor service they had received was by word of mouth. Although this was an adequate way of spreading news, it was really limited to a certain number of people. Social media has expanded on the word-of-mouth premise and given it the chance to go national. With this in mind when creating your social media or any other communication techniques to your customers it is wise to get a trained company to help and one option includes a PR Cheltenham company on links such as They will help you understand what is needed to enhance your business.
Name and Shame

Many companies are now fully aware that news of any bad service given to a customer can be spread to a vast number of people across the social media spectrum in a matter of minutes. Facebook, Twitter and personal blogs are all excellent ways to name and shame a company that is guilty of giving poor customer service.

Social media has brought businesses and consumers closer together than ever before. The power is now firmly in the hands of the consumer, which can only be a good thing as far as customer service standards go.

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