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Every year a list of the most sought-after cars appears and has people scrabbling around to look at the latest specifications and models available on the market. Of course, finances can sometimes mean that you aren’t able to buy yourself the make and model that you really want. This is where Car leasing companies can help. Leasing your car can mean that you are able to afford a high specification or even a model of car you never thought would be possible. This is because the monthly payments can be less as you don’t official own the car you are leasing.  It is important that you check all the requirements that are linked to your leasing such as whether you are responsible for making appointments at a Gloucester MOT centre such as each year for a service and MOT testing.

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But what have been the top trending cars for so far?

There were a total of 2.5 million vehicles sold country wide with 13,500 of these being electric varieties. Here are the top contenders for vehicle sales in the first half of this year.

  • Taking the top spot again this year is the Ford Fiesta. In July 2018 alone, there were over 6,000 sold and in total so far there have been 62,637 of them sold this year.
  • Volkswagen Golf sales come into the second spot with 5,500 sold in July and in the first half of this year 45,512 have found their way onto the driveways of people throughout the country.
  • 33,536 Nissan Qashqai have been purchased up to the end of July this year making this car the third most popular option for people to travel around in. In July the sales were just over 3,000.
  • In fourth place another Ford model has seen sales of 32,899 in total but did not make the top 10 list for sales in July – this is the Ford Focus.
  • Vauxhall Corsa sits in the fifth-place position with 31,673 sold in the first half of this year and just over 3,500 sold in July 2018.
  • Another Volkswagen appears in the six position with the Volkswagen Polo selling 25,874 and 3,800 in July.

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Industry specialists note that diesel sales dropped and unsurprisingly the sale of alternative fuel vehicles increased by around 23.8%. It seems like the industry is once again starting to stabilise following on from a few months of turbulence as a result of the uncertainty Brexit has caused and the introduction of new, some would say more severe, tariffs based on emissions.

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