Cooking a delicious strawberry tart

Summer strawberries have a delicate fragrance and flavour that is something to love, and typically no more accompaniment than a dollop of cream is required to set them off for a tea. However when a fancier take is needed, there is the occasional opportunity, and this is where a delicious strawberry tart will come into its own. When strawberries are used out of season their flavour can be reduced which is why you can find many strawberry inspired flavours from Flavouring Manufacturers like  Stringer Flavour

All over the internet, there are recipes for good shortcrust pastry, so you can pick the one you like best. However, one of the most famous is the one found on the website of Delia Online, which calls this humble pastry one of the best there is and even has a video that shows you how it should be made.

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A sheet of vanilla crème patissière, which is a custard thickened with cornflour, is filled with a typical tarte aux fraise. If your custard is too soft, beware of overpowering the fruit, just as you should be careful when using chocolate ganache or lemon curd. Yoghurt and sweetened double cream or sugar and reduced-fat cream cheese include lighter-tasting options.

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Just as various food recipes invariably feature twists according to individual preferences, instead of just halving them and sticking them on top of your tart, there are things you can do with your strawberries.

To rest at the bottom of your tart, you might make pink peppercorn and strawberry jam or soak up your berries in honey and rose wine. Of course, if you’re a purist, you may be against using anything other than the fruit itself and it’s hard to argue considering the deliciousness of plump, juicy strawberries.

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