Is a Brownfield Site Suitable for your Building Project?

Finding a plot of land to build on can be incredibly difficult. Land prices are at a premium in many areas of the UK, and finding a plot that is both a good price and in a good location is the holy grail – whether you are building a large multi-home development or you just want to build your own dream home of your own.

One of the things that many people are turning to is the development of brownfield sites. There are plenty of these sites in the UK and they may be easier to and cheaper to build on. But they do come with their own problems that it is important to weigh up before you rush in and buy that ‘bargain’ plot of land!

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Brownfield sites being ex-industrial sites do carry some risks. You will probably need to get someone in who specialises in contaminated land remediation – to make sure it is safe to build on as well as to put homes on! There are often lots of contamination areas on a brownfield site – for example, a site that was once a petrol station will need to be thoroughly decontaminated and made safe before building work can begin.

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Brownfield sites can often be in more built up areas – although councils do look favourably on the development of these sites, it can be that because of more buildings in the surrounding area, you have more people to appease before you are granted planning permission!

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