There are ways and means to look younger.

How can we make ourselves look younger, or at least not older than our real years? To help us in our everlasting search for a youthful glow, here are some great tips for looking after our face, body, hair and mind:

Cleanse and hydrate

Regular washing and moisturising, like normal soap, helps to wash away grime and grease without drying out the skin. Use a gentle cleanser that will not drain moisture from the skin, avoid harsh or alcohol-based toners, and use a good quality moisturiser during the day and night.

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Book a speedy treatment

If you have an event or an opportunity coming up, then you may want a faster solution. Botox is an affordable, effective, fast and simple treatment that can decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Cheltenham Botox from Doctor Kate is a great start.

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Don’t forget your hands

In looking young, do not forget the value of your hands. On a daily basis, you’ll want to use a decent hand cream with built-in sunscreen. You will age prematurely with dried out and sore palms, so invigorate and drink plenty of water plus use an exfoliating scrub.

Exercise daily

Muscle failure will age prematurely, but not having enough sleep is also not enough. You’ll keep your muscles stronger and sleep easier at night by exercising several days a week. Including some aerobic, some resistance and stretching and balancing exercises, a combination of exercise is most effective.

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