Make do and mend, don’t throw it away.

In recent years we have become a very throw away society, whereas in the past we were taught to make do and mend!  Our parents and grandparents were considered thrifty because they would sew, darn, glue and repair personal and household items rather than throw them away and buy new.  It’s time to take a leaf out of their books and think about repairing and re-using our personal and household items once again. For our vehicles, obtaining quality, professional Trailer Parts or Auto and Trailer spares could save us a lot of money as we wouldn’t have to replace our cars and trailers as often and could rely on them to work efficiently.

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Our world is desperately trying to repair and mend itself and we are all responsible when it comes to pollution and climate change.  We all have to do our bit to stop throwing things away, let’s repair, reuse and recycle as much as possible.  Stop sending things to landfill sites and think about recycling as much as we can.  Send good quality, used clothing to charity shops, put cardboard, paper, plastic and food waste into the correct containers for them all to be recycled.

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If you don’t have all the containers to recycle, properly contact your local Council and they will provide them for you.  Make Do and Mend, should be your new mantra for 2023, let’s stop throwing things away and help save our planet one repair at a time.

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