How to Engage Employees With Fun Training

Engaging employees in training sessions is vital. It can increase productivity, improve retention rates and even result in improved organisational success. The key is to make workplace training fun and interactive.

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When deciding which employee engagement activities to implement, it is important to think of the employee’s needs. Often, employees want to learn new things and receive opportunities for personal development. While this is not always possible, you can encourage these goals through a variety of methods. Find out more about Train The Trainer Courses by visiting

One way to encourage employee engagement is to ask for feedback. This can take the form of a questionnaire or a survey. Employees can also voice their concerns during office hours. Make it clear that you are interested in the feedback and will respond to it.

Another approach is to create a team-building event. Ask staff members to propose ideas for a low-cost employee engagement activity. Consider using a video conferencing programme to allow everyone in the office to participate.

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In addition, a virtual office tie-in can strengthen employee bonding. These events can take place online or in the real world. By fostering a sense of community within the company, it can benefit both the company and the individual.

Other ways to foster employee engagement include setting aside a training allowance. This allows employees to spend a small amount of time to develop themselves professionally. Collecting receipts and using guidelines can ensure that the stipend or time is used for the right reasons. It can also be used for training in a topic that is the employee’s choice.


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