Things to Do in the Garden This Autumn 

As we welcome in Autumn, and things start to change in the natural world, for gardeners, this is a busy time of the year. It involves cleaning, preparation and keeping the garden looking good throughout the winter, whilst battling the elements!

Here are some of the garden jobs that you may be doing around this time of the year…

Repairing – This is a good time to check all of the things in the garden that may need some repairs. Doing this now will help things to stay in good condition, whether it is going to be in use over the winter, or you are going to be putting it away until next spring comes around. Some things to pay attention to include your lawnmower – after you have done that last mow for the year, give it a check and ensure that it is working. You can get replacement parts from places like this mountfield spares supplier

Fences and sheds are also things that you should check – they will be under a lot more pressure as winter comes and the weather worsens, so make sure that you fix anything that needs doing before the weather changes.

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Cleaning – Getting things cleaned up will ensure that it keeps them nice over the winter. Garden furniture should be put away over the winter, but not before you have cleaned it (check the material that it is made from and make sure that you use the appropriate products). You can then cover them over and put them into storage for the winter. This is also a time of the year when autumn leaves can fall on the garden, so go around cleaning these up before they rot – they are a perfect addition to your compost heap.

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Preparing – This is also a time to prepare the garden for the spring. There are many bulbs that can be planted from now through to November that will give your garden a beautiful display in the spring. Tulips, daffodils and snowdrops are all beautiful plants that you can get in the ground now so that you can brighten up the garden in the spring. Plant in borders and tubs to add some spring colour for next year.

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