Making Moving House Comfortable for your Dog

Moving house can be stressful for us but for our pets, it can be even more so as they don’t know what is going on! If you have a dog and you are planning on moving house soon, it is a good idea to plan and prepare for your move to ensure that you keep your dog happy and calm.

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When you are planning your house move there are lots of things that you need to arrange – from arranging the structural survey to finding a local service like this van hire Bristol based company to help you get your belongings from A to B.

Making arrangements and planning for your dog is also something that you can do. In the run up to the move, your dog will likely be aware that there are changes going on. You might be acting differently and being more stressed is something that the dog will pick up on, and also as you are packing the dog will notice this is something unusual that is happening!

During this period of time, make sure that you give your dog plenty of love and attention to reassure them, as well as sticking to the regular routine for mealtimes and walks for example, as this will help them to keep a sense of calm as the packing goes on around them.

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Of course the personality of your dog will have a big effect on some of the things that you do – for example if it is not a fan of meeting new people, then it is best to keep them away if you are having people come in and look around your house! However, on moving day it is a good idea to find your dog somewhere to go whatever the personality it has.

Moving day is a busy time and the mass of people and boxes could cause your dog to get upset or be injured if they are around some of the activities. Speak to a family member, friend or neighbour who gets on well with your dog to see if they can have them whilst you are moving. Alternatively, a dog sitter or boarding kennel will also be able to help you.

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