How to clean dog poop

How to clean dog poop from your carpet easily

How to clean dog poop out of carpet? This question often gives headaches to many dog owners. Well, don’t worry fellas, it can be done easily.

Dogs are a great addition to any person’s life, but they also bring many masses around our homes as well. So, it’s necessary to take very good care of them. Moreover, you’ll need to groom it a few times a week and also clean up all of the messes it makes.

Sometimes accidents may happen as your doggo might not be able to make it to the expected place before relieving. The dog pop causes stains, harmful bacteria also can spread odors into our living spaces as well which is not comforting at all. So, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

In this article, you will learn about how to clean dog poop out of carpet comfortably.

Preparation before cleaning your carpet

There are a few things that you’ll need before you start to clean your carpet.

Required Items:

  • Protective gloves
  • Microfiber cloth or clean cloth
  • White vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • Warm Water

Whatever kind of mess you might face always remember that protect yourself. So, wear protective gloves and also wash both hands afterward you finished cleaning for avoiding any further contamination. We recommend that you collect all the necessary items above before cleaning.

Cleaning Dog poop out of carpet

Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Remove the solids

Before start working on the stained part, you need to remove the solids out of your carpet. A scooper will do this task easily. So, in a bag place it and for avoiding lingering smells, dispose of the waste in any appropriate place (dustbin) quickly.

Step 2. Make a mixture solution

Mix 1 tablespoon of both white vinegar and dish soap like dawn into two cups of hot water in a spray bottle or large bowl.

Step 3. Wipe the stain

In the created mixture solution, dip a microfiber cloth and use it for soaking the stain from your carpet. Then gently blot it with a new cloth until it absorbed all of the liquid. Keep doing this process until you see the stain is starting to disappear.

However, even if the stains still remain on your carpet (light carpets only) then apply a little bit of hydrogen peroxide. This helps in removing any discoloration left by dog poops.

Step 4. Apply the enzymes

To break down any odors or stains caused by your dog, enzymes are extremely effective. We recommend you use Bissell Professional Stain & Odor cleaner for feces. If you are using any concentrate cleaner then dilute it as per instruction before applying this cleaner. Here, you’ll need to leave it on the spot for some hours, the exact needed time might be on the directions.

Step 5. Dry up and vacuum

Use a towel, clean cloth for blotting excess liquid, and cleaner. So, began on the edge of the stained area and move forward to the center.

After completing drying, give it a finishing touch by vacuuming on the spot. In this process, you will get rid of any remaining debris also the fibers of your carpet will restore. Keep reading, How to stop dog from eating rocks?


If you have any pets then you may face accidents sometimes and you need to be prepared especially if, in your home, you have a floor that is carpeted. Dogs pop leaves stain as well as unpleasant odors. If you do not remove it entirely then your doggo might come to that spot again. So, if any accidents occur then clean up the spot quickly as possible for avoiding further stains. I hope now you know how to clean dog poop out of the carpet. Is this article helpful? Let us know, in the comment below!

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