Five key signs of a collapsed drain

A collapsed drain can occur when they have not been well maintained and, unfortunately, can be costly to rectify. If you notice any of these five key signs, it is important to speak to a professional for advice.

1-Regular blockages or sewers that are backed up.

If you are having regular issues with backed up pipework, it can often be an indication that the drain may have collapsed, so the sewerage cannot pass through the pipework as it should. CCTV drainage surveys Alcester or elsewhere are recommended to identify if this is the cause of the problem.

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Noticing the smell of sewerage can suggest a blockage in the pipework. The odour should disappear if you have the drains unblocked. However, if the drain has collapsed, this will continue until you have had it repaired.

3-Rodent infestation.

When there is a blockage in the drains and sewage is backed up, rats and other creatures can travel up from the sewers into your home. Companies such as will be able to survey the drains and confirm if this is the problem.

According to the BBC, a family in South London had to flee their home after a blocked drain caused their garden to be flooded with raw sewerage. It led to an infestation of rats and flies in their home and serious black mould issues.

4-Damp and mould patches appearing in your home.

If you have a collapsed drain, you may notice damp and mould patches appearing on the walls in your home. This can also be a result of backed up drains, which can cause a wide range of issues. If you have a sudden issue with damp and mould, it is essential to have this assessed as soon as possible.

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5-Slow draining sinks, baths and showers

If you notice that your sink, bath or shower is draining more slowly than normal, this may indicate a blockage in the pipework. The first step should be trying to unblock the pipes in your house, but if that doesn’t work, further investigation will be required.

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