The Clancy Brothers, and the iconic Marilyn Monroe wearing a womens aran sweater.

It was on June 13th, 1960, that the famous screen legend Marilyn Monroe appeared in her movie wearing a baby-blue oversized Aran sweater and tights.  Also, around that time the Irish Folk band, “The Clancy Brothers” were touring the United States and on hearing of the terribly cold weather and the snowstorms raging there their mother sent Aran sweaters for her sons and their good friend Tommy Mackern to help them keep warm. Their mum may well have sourced jumpers for her sons and their friend from a company such as   After they starred on the Ed Sullivan show their trademark sweaters became their signature look.

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Even earlier in time, back in the 1950’s, a now famous photograph of the beautiful and stylish Grace Kelly wearing an Aran sweater came to light. Not long afterwards in 1956 Grace Kelly featured on the cover of the Vogue magazine wearing an Aran sweater and then shortly afterwards she was photographed sporting a similar, cream, roll neck Aran jumper on board a yacht.

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Let’s jump forward in time to 2017 and go to New York, step inside the Museum of Modern Art, the Aran sweater was chosen as one of the World’s most iconic designs there, alongside a pair of Levi jeans and a Biker Jacket, in the most prestigious category. From its most humble beginnings as a fisherman’s staple choice as everyday wear out on the high seas to a celebrity’s choice as a fashion statement, the Aran sweater has come a long, long way.

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