Schools in Victorian times

The Victorian period is viewed with somewhat mixed feelings by our modern eyes. In some cases it was an incredible force for good. The British Empire was at its height and the industrial and technological advances that it was making were to go on to shape the modern world that we live in today. The attitude that anything could be achieved has stood the country, and Europe and the West world, well. However, there is a darker side to the Victorian times that is becoming more and more acknowledged. This was in regard to the total lack of care and support for the poorest or even the most basic working class of people in the country at the time and the places it conquered. One of these examples is the Victorian school.

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As the world changed jobs became more complicated. It became clear to successive Governments and from Industrialists that for  the population to be able to work in the new factories and mills, or even mining a better education was required. Skills in reading, writing and arithmetic were the core needs but it was also felt that children should learn about the country’s great historic past to instill ideas of citizenship with crown and country loyalty. Geography was added as it was believed that terrain knowledge of the areas of the Empire would aid further military action.

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If they had had it you can be sure that Victorian School Masters and MIstress would have made full use of Websites for schools like those that can provide.

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