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10 best survival movies that will take your breath away

You can be sure that these 10 best survival movies will leave you breathless, and that in no case will we gut the ending, so that you are surprised and enjoy the wild fight of the characters as if you were one of them.

They are films that show in complete detail personal or collective processes absolutely out of the ordinary: extreme situations from which they manage to get afloat… although not in all cases they achieve the expected victory, total survival.

10. Cast Away (2000), Robert Zemeckisbest survival movies

An executive ( Tom Hanks ) suffers a plane crash that leaves him isolated on a tropical island in the middle of the ocean, where he stays for no less than four years, acquiring resources he had never imagined. But there comes a point when loneliness is about to drive him crazy, and then he makes a new decision: get out of there anyway.

9. Rabbit-Proof Fence (2003), Philip Noycebest survival movies

Based on real events. Slavery in 1931 in Australia. Three mixed-race girls flee a government institution created to train them as white maids. They are determined to fight for their freedom and face the odyssey of walking the 1,500 miles that separate them from their home. With Kenneth Branagh.

8. Into the Wild (2007), Sean Pennbest survival movies

The 90s in the United States. Adopting the name Alexander Supertramp, Christopher McCandless ( Emile Hirsch ) hands over his possessions and savings to charity and leaves the civilized world for wild Alaska to get in touch with nature and discover the true meaning of life. Adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s book, based on the protagonist’s diary notes.

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7. North Face (2008), Philipp Stolzlbest survival movies

During the summer of 1936, the German military Kurz and Hinterstoisser set out to conquer the north face of the Eiger, in the purest tradition of German mountaineering, one of the most difficult climbs in the mountain range. The difficult adventure wants to be used by the Third Reich, although none of the climbers belongs to the Nazi party.

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6. Buried (2010), Rodrigo Cortesbest survival movies

A Spanish director sweeps Hollywood by telling Ryan Reynolds in an amazing story: the fight of a white civilian in Iraq who is buried alive in an old wooden coffin, with no other weapon than his mobile.

5. The Snow Walker (2003), Charles Martin Smithbest survival movies

Charlie Halliday ( Barry Pepper ) suffers a spectacular plane crash in an arctic wilderness. Trapped in a limited situation, he fights against nature to save his life and that of his young accidental companion. An Eskimo who does not speak his language. And which he begins to despise and then learns from her to survive in that environment.

4. The Way Back (2010), Peter Weirbest survival movies

The protagonist narrates in the first person how, after the invasion of Poland by the Germans. He was arrested by the Soviet army and imprisoned in Siberia. In 1940 he managed to escape in the company of other prisoners. They walk to the Himalayas, the Gobi desert, and cross Tibet to India. It has been considered a true story told in several books until recently some researchers have questioned its veracity. With Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Colin Farrell, Saoirse Ronan.

3. The Gray (2011), Joe Carnahanbest survival movies

Liam Neeson plays a hunter who is going through a painful personal crisis. His plane crashes in a wild region of Alaska: freezing cold, extreme living conditions, and a pack of wolves on the prowl …

2. All is Lost (2013), JC Chandorbest survival movies

Robert Redford alone, the only character on a ship that just started the movie already has quite serious problems. Almost without words, the tremendous situation of loneliness and anguish in the Ocean is followed with much interest …

1. Unbroken (2014), Angelina Joliebest survival movies

Spectacular biography of Louis Zamperini, a young athlete from childhood forged to face different degrees of violence. However, an accident throws him into the hands of a Japanese military who capture and torture him to excruciating limits.


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