Decorate Your Home on a Budget

7 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

Most of the time, the idea of decorating a home comes with expensive materials and time-consuming ways. From buying a whole new set of furniture to replacing old painted walls, these traditional means of decorating are not only impractical, but they can also give people the impression that sprucing up one’s home should always come at a high cost. But there are also quick and inexpensive ways that homeowners can turn to when jazzing up their space — with little to no budget and effort.

Decorate Your Home on a Budget

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1. Get rid of dull and unsightly items

 A quick and easy fix to improve a space is to remove fixtures and objects that are dull, unsightly and downright plain-looking. These can be an old and tattered basket or a worn-out and tacky window curtain that clashes with your other pieces of furniture.

2. Find new home accessories in thrift shops

If you find that you’re left with almost nothing after tossing out damaged and worn-out items, plan a thrift shopping spree right away! There is a big treasure trove of amazing finds in thrift shops that can complement any home type — from rustic, industrial, modern and contemporary. Not only that, these thrift gems are also very affordable and in the highest quality possible.

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3. Reorganize your space accordingly

This zero-cost way of improving a space is one of the most effective ways that you can do when decorating your home. All you need is a bit of time, energy and creativity to make it happen. If you’re decorating your living room, try and decide what can be removed or rearranged to clear more space. Most of the time this can involve the sofa, table and carpets. If you’re sprucing up your bedroom, you will need to pay attention where your bed looks most best without sacrificing space. Lastly, you have to make sure the newly arranged space is clean after doing the lifting and reorganizing. If you don’t have the time to do this final step, you can look for a part time domestic cleaner to do the trick for you.

4. Upcycle old bottles and jars into vases and accessories

Add a modern touch to your kitchen, living room or even bedroom by placing empty bottles and jars along with your favorite stack of books or house plants. On the other hand, you can also use these items as the pots of your house plants instead. Glass and greenery is always a good idea, after all!

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5. Convert old plates into fixtures of art

Whether it’s an old china plate or an inexpensive platter from your local market, you can use any dishware to give your home an added personality. Just place plates in groups of threes along any plain wall or by the table near the front door to give your space an instant fix of elegance and sophistication.

6. Use old books as accessories

If you have stacks of books lying somewhere collecting dust, now’s the perfect time to bring them again back to life! Simply arrange them on top of another by the coffee table or even by an empty basket in the living room. Better yet, arrange all of them in a bookcase and place a tiny indoor plant in between to divide groups of books.

7. Coordinate colors and patterns

To add a touch of personality to your bedroom or living room, try switching up the colors and patterns of your bed or sofa sheets and make sure they complement each other. You don’t have to spend a single dime just to make this happen; you just have to let your creativity run wild and do the decorating for you!


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