15 best Halloween masks

Halloween is this holiday with Anglo-Saxon origins, which the Americans popularized and marketed the rest of the world, whose theme is related to the dead and the witches. We share the best 15 best Halloween masks.

In this sense, it is true that tradition indicates wearing costumes for meetings with our friends, either because we go to a party or go to a disco in the evenings. However, if you do not want or cannot fully disguise yourself, one of the best ideas we can offer you is to use one of the following Halloween masks.

So, nothing will be more fun than wearing one of these terrifying masks with which you can scare your friends, because they are scary and you will not have to invest time in makeup. Among the horror masks, you have a wide range of options, so we want to present you with a selection of the best.

The best Halloween masks for your Halloween party

15. Mexican Calaverabest Halloween masks

These Halloween masks are inspired by one of the most traditional and characteristic elements of the Mexican fiesta Day of the Dead, which takes place the day after Halloween. In addition, you have the option of becoming a Mexican catrina using one or several flowers in your hair.

14. Texas Chainsawbest Halloween masks

If you have seen the films of “The Texas Massacre”, you will know that this is the face of the murderer and will be one of the masks for Halloween, more terrifying than you can find in costume stores. His disfigured face aesthetic is undoubtedly the scariest images, appearing in the top 15 of the horror masks.

13. Immortal Warriorbest Halloween masks

The masks for Halloween of the Immortal Warriors have as their origin the movie 300, who have a Persian historical origin and constituted an army of elite members, whose main characteristics were that they were so bloodthirsty that they spread fear through their passage. These horror masks can be used in conjunction with your friends simulating an army of lies. It is one of the best Halloween masks.

12. Banebest Halloween masks

Directly from the DC Universe, we bring one of the characters listed as a supervillain and that gives us one of the masks for Halloween, representing this intimidating and muscular, who fights several times with the great Batman. If you want to enter the party as an enemy of Batman, you can wear Bane’s mask. We recommend that you eat before the party because then it will be complicated.

11. Mummybest Halloween masks

The mummy mask can be one of the most terrifying Halloween masks for the party, especially if you know how to combine it with good shouts and bandages on the rest of the body. The fun part is that you can give personality to your mummy and turn it into one of the most popular horror masks of the night.

10. Terminator Salvationbest Halloween masks

Terminator is one of the best science fiction movies in which the well-known Arnold Swzenager plays the malevolent robot. So you will surely want to have the Terminator Halloween mask, one of the most fearsome robots in cinema and the world.

9. Punk Skullbest Halloween masks

If you want to have fun on Halloween, this punk skull mask will make you the most rebellious of the party. This is one of the wonderful horror masks that have a striking design and for being punk, you will be able to dress as you normally do and you will be comfortable throughout the night. It is one of the best Halloween masks.

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8. Chopper the Clownbest Halloween masks

Clowns are always, always, going to be scary but if you wear these masks for Halloween, believe me, you’ll be even more scary. The mask of Chopper The Clown is ideal to get a scare mounted on your motorcycle. The clowns are the best villains in the best scary movies so you know the potential of these horror masks.

7. Jigsawbest Halloween masks

If you are a fan of scary movies, you will surely love  Jigsaw’s mask. The bad guy in one of the best horror movies: «Saw», who after more than 8 movies, breaking records and shedding a lot of blood, has established himself as one of the most iconic horror masks, Jigsaws. It is one of the best Halloween masks.

6. Gollumbest Halloween masks

One of the most recognizable Halloween masks because of the huge number of fans that the “Lord of the Rings” movie series has throughout the world. This is the mask of Gollum, especially dedicated to those who want to be the most disturbing character with one of the best-known horror masks.

5. Jokersbest Halloween masks

The Jokers are historical figures that were originally designed to make the audience laugh and entertain. But today, it’s the opposite, so that one of the horror masks is that of the Jokers. If you’re a fan of Batman movie costumes, you ‘ll know that The Joker wore a mask over his mask to cover up. It is one of the best Halloween masks.

4. Pork maskbest Halloween masks

With this pig mask, it will seem that you went to a buffet of human food, thus reversing the order of what was established or that you came out of the book ” Rebellion in the Farm “. The idea is terrifying and is one of the masks of terror. For its intimidating design, in which we can highlight some sutures that simulate a smile.

3. Michael Myersbest Halloween masks

The mask face of  Michael Myers is one of the most recognizable. And famous Halloween masks for having been a character in cult horror movies. For his first appearance in Halloween movies in 1978. It is one of the best Halloween masks.

2. Jasonbest Halloween masks

Another of the most famous Halloween masks is Jason Voorhees’s mask, directly from the movie Friday the 13th. If you play hockey you can adapt yours with a little dirt and red stickers. Think of it as one of the best horror masks you can figure with.

1. White Rabbitbest Halloween masks

If you want to have different Halloween masks, less iconic and recognized. But more banal things, but still figure as horror masks, a good idea is this rabbit mask. It is perfect to make sexy woman costumes. You can make a basket of Halloween cupcakes and give some to your friends at the party. It is one of the best Halloween masks.


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