Kids for the Outside World

How to Prepare Your Kids for the Outside World

Teaching your kids basic conversational English is one of the earliest skills that they may require. It will surely make way for more advanced lessons once children learn to converse with adults. Their comprehension skills will be honed, as well as their creativity in terms of sentence construction and phrasing.

But what are the best topics you can start with when it comes to English tutoring? English instructors often suggest that mastering the language could be achieved through conversation. If you decide to enroll your child with a tutor, here are some of the best early conversational topics they would focus on during the early stages of the class:

Tell Me Something About You

The best way to start a conversation with kids will be focusing on topics about them. They will get to know how to introduce themselves, and also learn how to ask others for theirs politely. Your kids may also practice how it is to describe a family, and if they have pets. They may also be asked about their homes and how to describe rooms in a typical home correctly.

Nourish Their Creativity

When it comes to colours, shapes or sizes, it is best to use familiar items that they can describe. Tutors can help them understand what the best way to describe the colour or size of an object is, or perhaps how they would recognize an item because of their shape.

Sharing their Thoughts and Feelings

As a child, they may not know how to tell their parents their thoughts and feelings. Tutors can provide different scenarios in which they can practice telling their parents how they feel or their friends about their thoughts.


When kids are asked to describe the things they do during a typical day, they get to understand verbs. Tutors can show them what certain activities look like by either using flashcards or by letting them do the activities so they can describe the experience.

Concept of Time

When tutors let kids describe what they usually do within the week, for example, Saturdays and Sundays, they tend to remember certain activities that they only do during those days as well as different activities that can only be done during the day time and at night.

Early Fashion

When it comes to English tutoring, if kids already know how to describe colors, talking about and describing the colors of the clothes they are wearing adds a personal touch to an otherwise boring conversation about random hues. Tutors can teach them about the basic colors, and eventually, ones that they get when they mix certain colors.


After learning about clothes, tutors can teach them about the concepts of the seasons that people usually experience. They can then ask what types of clothes will work for each season, and let them think about holidays that usually happen during the season.


Tutors can ask kids what their favourite food is, or a dish that they do not know about but they are interested in tasting them. Give them activities such as making a recipe, or describing how a particular dish can be cooked. 


By ensuring that tutors are following a particular outline during their lessons, you can rest assured that they are providing your kids with structured learning. Each topic is connected, and is needed for your kids to be more confident in interacting not just with their families, but the other people around them as well.

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