Best Memory Care Options for Aging Seniors

In Jacksonville, you would come across several senior living and care communities specializing in assisted living, memory care, and other areas of life. Each of these communities, such as nursing homes, retirement homes, care centers, and assisted living facilities, can have a different purpose to serve. But the practice of using these terms interchangeably creates confusion. Nevertheless, the assisted living facilities come equipped with housing, daily living services, including meals, bathing, and cleaning. They provide comprehensive care for aging and ailing people. Some assisted living communities also manage medical services, from medication administration to specialized nursing care, which used to be available in nursing homes only.

Studies demonstrate 65 years old and more would form nearly 20% of America’s population by 2030. When they retire, the demand for different care options will increase. Of them, communities offering specialized memory care services can be one.

Memory Care

If you search for memory care facilities in Jacksonville, FL, you will get many options. These places are for aged people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. They can assist seniors who have already developed memory disease symptoms to those who haven’t got it yet. In such assisted living communities, the units and team take care of their safety, treatment, and comfort throughout memory loss stages to ensure a better quality of life.

These types of assisted living facilities can be medium or large. The services can range from meals, activities, social environment, housekeeping, medication management, doctor appointments, grocery and medicine shopping, etc. The smaller facilities may consist of private homes where 6 to 8 seniors stay together. These places can be a part of residential areas.

Considering the option of memory care for aging parents

Caregiving can take a toll on you and your relationship with the patient and other people because of its responsibilities. Hence, it is better to move your loved one to a place where they can get complete assistance, and when you visit them, the two of you can spend quality time. Since memory care in Florida is quite common, you would not face any difficulty finding the right facility for your seniors. However, there can be some hesitation on your part. You may believe you are trying to escape your responsibility. But it’s better to be practical.

It would help if you focused on their safety. Due to Alzheimer’s, your parent may not have control over what they do. They can wander without even realizing it. The risk of falls is also there, especially if your home has a staircase. It can be unsafe for them. However, when they have someone to monitor their movement throughout, you don’t have to worry about their wellbeing. After all, age and ailment can make it impossible for them to perform daily living activities. For instance, they may not eat, bathe, dress up, or walk on their own. They can also lose bladder control.  Besides, you can witness the signs of forgetfulness, aggression, confusion, and fighting getting worse with time. Due to these factors, you can feel defeated at times and may not manage them well.

Amidst all this, it can become growingly challenging for you to find time for rest for yourself. If your parent is an Alzheimer’s patient, the chances are you will have to stay up at night. The caregiving duties can keep you so occupied that other family members can remain deprived of your attention and love. And if you are the bread earner, it can be even more impossible to balance work and family duties.

Hence, the right decision could be to move your aging and ailing parent to a memory care facility where they would get support with daily activities and their medical condition. When you are free, you can easily manage your time and meet them regularly. You would also feel happy to see they are safe and have a pleasant environment around them, which may not have been possible for you to create at home because of other responsibilities.

Since Alzheimer’s care communities tend to be more involved than any other type of assisted living units and nursing homes, you don’t have to worry about your parents’ health and needs. These units have arrangements for full-time medical care, personal assistance, and medicine-related help. As these are specialized memory care units, you can find them suitable for your loved one from many angles.

The expense of the memory care home may be a bit high for you. However, you can look for state-funded programs that cover the cost of dementia care rooms and boards. It can remove a considerable portion of the financial burden from your mind. So, no matter what has been stopping you from finding a comfortable memory care facility for your parent, you can now reconsider your decision and plan for their safe and healthy life hesitation-free.

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