Choosing the right coloured shirt

It is a talent to match your suit and your tie, and failure to get it right will destroy an ensemble. As you spend your hard-earned money on a new suit just to pair it with a mismatched top, this may be an expensive error. Let’s think of each one as a uniform. You can’t go wrong with a bit of Calvin Klein Menswear from EJ Menswear.

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The Suit Uniform in Black

Usually the most formal suit and traditionally used for weddings and funerals, for daytime or social events, this is not the most realistic suit. Black suits have a reputation for being bland, but wear a shirt colour other than white, such as mid-blue or pink, or spice up the suit with a pocket square or statement shoes, if it’s in the proper sense. It is important to get a well-fitting suit as well.

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The Suit Uniform in Navy shades

The navy suit can also be dressed up with a t-shirt and white sneakers, a perfect, comfortable choice for anything from a wedding to the workplace or a social gathering. For nearly every shirt colour, with the exception of dark blue and black, this colour option can also be worn effectively. Shirt colours that fit well such as white, grey, yellow, pale blues and even striped ties.

The Suit Uniform in Blue

A very modern and trendy option, lighter or royal blue suits are a good choice for social occasions, weddings, the workplace or even relaxed city nights. A more understated shirt such as light blue or white is a smart choice, a fashion statement by itself. Do not have tops that are dark and pastel coloured.

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