Best blender for protein shakes

Blender is one of the most common appliances in any kitchen and to make protein shakes it work efficiently — but what is the best blender for protein shakes? As there is a lot of variety of blender for protein shakes are available in stores, it became more difficult to find the best. We’re here to do the job easily for you.

Protein shakes are a great way for adding nutrition to our body and a blender ensures for making these healthy smoothies. The best blender for protein shakes requires easy usage along with the necessary power according to your need. Here, after reviewing many of these we listed the best ones below. So, read this guide article to find out the best blender for protein shakes to buy.


Vitamix is a popular brand for producing kitchen appliances and Vitamix 5200 blender is one of their high-quality product gives a satisfying performance. This protein shake blender has a speed-controlling feature where you can adjust its speed according to your needs.

Also, this blender can create heat while the blending process so, within 6 minutes a hot soup can be made here. And its stainless steel blade is high-quality made that can easily break tough foods. Moreover, for protecting the blender there is installed a special system — a ‘thermal protection system’ and a cooling fan. The best feature of this machine is self-cleaning and it offers seven years of warranty.

Nutri Ninja BL456

This company is famous for its quality kitchen tools. To make personal-sized protein shakes this blender is the best. It has a 900 watts powerful motor which can only be found on other expensive blenders only.

Also, it got a great blade that works on reducing the vegetables and fruit’s strong part. And this helps protein shakes be drinkable without any trouble. This machine comes with 2 portable cups (24 ounces and 18 ounces) and 75 recipe cookbooks. However, a loud sound comes from this machine while using it. Within a reasonable price, this machine gives a great performance.

Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop

SharkNinja is a renewal company and this home appliance company has great success making the best blenders for protein shakes. The Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop is one of its best products. Surprisingly, its durability and vast features are quite impressive.

This machine has a great motor power of 1100 watts which helps in making the best protein shake possible. Also, it has 3 different speeds available here for different types of protein shakes according to need. And offers various modes: single-serve, pulse, etc. Moreover, its blending pitcher is 72 ounces and has 2 personal blending cups of 16 ounces each.


Protein shakes is nutritious and energetic drink and for any bodybuilder or fitness freak protein shakes is the most important part. But while choosing the best blender for it they face difficulty. A variety of technologies and features are in these blenders. So, buy the best blender for protein shakes from the above options and enjoy your healthy smoothie. We hope that this guide article was helpful.

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