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If you don’t clean a water bottle for 1 week then there is a possibility to create 300,000 bacteria per inch. Because they love moister are which is comfortable for bacteria. Every bottle cleaning brush can’t clean the bottle properly for this you best.

Importance of bottle cleaning brush very much. In our daily life, we used bottles for various purposes like carry or preserve liquid food. So we need to keep it clean and free from germs. Especially it is very important for baby bottle. Most of the baby eat their liquid food by baby bottle. In this food, there are different types of food particles which is easily rotten and create germs.

Holikme 5 Pack Bottle Brush Cleaning Set

This set is the number one position for tube cleaning lab brushes. These 5 bottle cleaning brushes come in different kinds of shapes for multiple uses.

The beer bottle brush handle length is 16” and the bristle wide is 2.5”. So brush can easily clean the bottom of the bottle. The bristle of the brush is soft and long which is perfect for beer bottle, Humming bird feeder.

The sponge bottle brush has no bristle but has a high-quality sponge. The sponge bottle brush length is 10” and wide is 2”.

In this set, there is also a hard bristle brush which is perfect for the hard stain. It comes with 14” long length. The spout cleaning brush is made of BPA-free and food-grade polypropylene.

OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand

OXO brand is the best manufacturer in cleaning purpose products manufacturing. This product is lightweight. The head and the bristle of the brush are flexible so they can reach any kind of bottle bottom.

It has a silicone detail cleaner which is hidden into the brush handle. The bristle of the hidden brush is short and soft so you can clean the narrow area where the bigger one can’t reach.  The handle of the brush is soft and has well grip so it won’t slip when it is wet. The main drawback of the brush is you need to dry up it every time after clean otherwise can be stained.

ALINK 5-Pack bottle cleaning brush

In this set, there are 5 brushes come with various type shape for different kind of purpose. If you want to clean a straw then don’t worry because in this set a straw cleaning brush is also included. The straw cleaning brush length is 15.3” which is perfect for the straw.

The bendable feature of these brushes helps you to clean a curve bottle inside. The bristle is made of food-grade ingredients and it is BPA-free. With this multi-purpose clean brush set, you can clean wine bottles, milk bottles, baby bottles, straws, etc.

Mama Bear Bottle Brush (Pack of 3)

The combination of sponge and bristle increases the efficiency of these brushes. You can stand up it while using or after using because it has a suction base. And it is made of food-grade ingredients and it is BPA. The handle is soft and well grip so it is comfortable to hold. The handle base is specially designed so that the user can easily clean the bottle’s nipple’s inner side.


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